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A water policy coherence agenda for Nigeria’s agri-food systems transformation

Policy coherence is required to bridge the gap between policy intent and implementation. 

Satisfying the growing need for water storage: the role of sand dams in an integrated storage framework 

More than 2 billion people currently live in water-stressed countries, and approximately 4 billion people experience water scarcity at least one month per year.

Demonstrating how data partnerships can underpin effective water-resources management in Ethiopia

The project can serve as a model for promoting more effective water management in river basins across the country.

Report on polluting effects of commercial banana farming can steer greener policies across the Mekong region

New report makes recommendations aimed at helping authorities limit contamination from pesticides to acceptable levels based on the known risks to environmental and human health.

How water can boost environmental health and biodiversity

As a result of IWMI’s work in the realms of e-flow monitoring and aquifer recharge, water management for rivers and aquifers has been strengthened.

Tapping into Groundwater

In a recent interview, Dr. Villholth spoke more about IWMI’s groundwater program and how events such as World Water Week are important to protecting and managing the resource.

Declining data quality threatens water resources management in the Lake Tana sub-basin

Through the FLAIR project in the Lake Tana sub-basin, IWMI is supporting the way data is generated by measuring water diversions at selected schemes.

How market knowledge is powering Africa’s solar irrigation sector

Data-driven tools are helping solar irrigation companies target their products and services to the right people, in the right way.

Learning from our mistakes: transforming water management to boost biodiversity

When designing water solutions for communities, IWMI researchers always consider the impact on biodiverse ecosystems.

Ahead of UN Summit consensus that action on water critical to transforming food systems

The Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue; Water – the Game-changer for Food Systems has concluded with consensus that water has unmatched utility to support the necessary transformation of food systems.

Three ways water solutions restore the planet

Many of the threats the world faces involve water, but so do the climate solutions we need to restore our planet.

USAID Central Asia : A researcher’s journey to conserve water in Uzbekistan

As an agronomist’s son born in the desert during the famous expansion of agricultural lands, Kakhramon’s life has always been intertwined with water.

How a dry village got its feet wet

As Laos seeks to strengthen food security and rural livelihoods, while adapting agriculture to climate change impacts, the potential of groundwater irrigation can only grow. Lessons learned from IWMI’s pilot study should prove valuable for helping realize this potential.

Impartial perspectives on a contested resource

A timely new book on southern Africa’s Zambezi River Basin

Regional Conference on Risks and Solutions

Adaptation Frameworks for Water Resources Planning, Development and Management in South Asia

Water resources and environment conference

Jeremy Bird highlights the importance of the water-food-energy nexus approach.

Improving water management in Myanmar’s Dry Zone for food security, livelihoods and health

This research study was initiated as part of the project: Sustainable management of water to improve food security and livelihoods in the Dry Zone of Myanmar.

Tending fields by text

Mobile phones and satellite imaging are transforming farming in Sudan.

Sustainable Development Goals Offer Unique Opportunity to Transform Management of Critical Water Resources

Targets that promote efficient, nationally and locally appropriate water use will be key to achieving the SDGs.

President Rajapaksa launches new water information system

Sri Lanka President H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa officially launched the country’s first-ever water information system, the Sri Lanka Water Resources Information System, during a courtesy...

News.lk: Sri Lanka Water Resources Information System launched

The tool is available free online and is the first of its kind for helping scientists and policymakers in Sri Lanka to accurately monitor...

President Rajapaksa launches new water information system during visit to IWMI

17th January 2014 – Colombo, Sri Lanka - His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, has officially launched...

World Environment Day: Will the growth of India’s dairy industry put more pressure on water resources?

Think. Eat. Save is the theme of this year's World Environment Day.  The focus is on the food choices we make and how informed...

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