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Engaging marginalized groups in the Greater Mekong region through action research

In the development of hydropower schemes, displaced rural people generally receive financial compensation for their losses.

Land and Water Investment in the Eastern Nile basin

IWMI’s particular role on the project has been related to preparing papers for two publication.

Linking Women’s Perspectives on Empowerment with Water Access

We bring you a photo story of women farmers in Far-Western Nepal highlighting their personal experiences and daily struggles towards empowerment.

IWMI Nepal research consultant pens op-ed for major Nepal newspaper

It is important to understand that empowerment can take different forms for different women.

Call for Papers South Asia Water Studies Journal Issue on ‘Water justice, Gender and Disability’

Welcoming contributions that address inequalities by gender and disability in the water sector in South Asia.

IWMI scientist contributes to global gender review

IWMI’s Barbara van Koppen is a contributing author to the ‘Global Gender and Environment Outlook’ a first-of-its-kind publication by UNEP.

Regional Conference on Risks and Solutions

Adaptation Frameworks for Water Resources Planning, Development and Management in South Asia

CALL FOR PAPERS: South Asian Water Studies Special Issue on ‘Water Justice, Gender, and Disability’

South Asian Water Studies (SAWAS), an open access journal, has issued a call for papers for a special issue on ‘Water justice, Gender and Disability.'

Dealing with land loss in Laos

Why some farmers thrive and others fail.

Migration, water and the trajectory of rural change in South Asia

In large parts of South Asia, a majority of families pursue a dual livelihood strategy, depending on both farming and migrant wage work.

Fraser Sugden

Women, empowerment and the SDG targets

Gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment has featured prominently in development discourse for the last two decades and today comprises one of the sustainable development goals.

Floriane Clement

Empowering Women for 50-50

International Women’s Day 2016 “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step it up for Gender Equality”

Stephanie Leder

Tenant collectives in North Bihar

A new model for bottom up irrigation and land management for marginal women farmers.

Dr Fraser Sugden, IWMI Nepal

Found! Water on Mars! But the real challenges are more down to Earth…

This blog captures critical knowledge and action stemming from our work, the work of those we partner with and deriving from events and occasions we believe should be marked because of their global significance to water management.

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