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Water’s Fundamental Truths: Part 2 – Why do we have to manage water as a system?

Water has to be managed as a system, and cannot be effectively managed separately from land, or from its major uses or users, of which agriculture is by far the biggest.

How to take the local, national: planning for good outcomes in Ghana

By prioritizing the perspectives of farmers on the ground, facilitating dialogue and generating data, the REACH-STR project can contribute to creating policies which more effectively support rural agricultural communities in Ghana’s Upper West Region.

Three ways water solutions restore the planet

Many of the threats the world faces involve water, but so do the climate solutions we need to restore our planet.

Nyasa Times: Experts reflect on impact of Covid-19 pandemic on economies of Southern African countries

The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak has placed stress and attention on the importance of food, water and energy security, as governments focus their efforts not only on blocking the transmission of the disease, but also consider how their responses affect food security today and in the future, IWMI has said.

Business Recorder: Empowering women for better water management: Experts call for harnessing society’s untapped potential

Bolstering his viewpoint through statistics, the expert said women constitute almost 50 percent of the population and their employment to population ratio is 20.1 percent as compared to men which is 77 percent.


Andreas Ulrich 1959 – 2020

The IWMI community is deeply saddened at the untimely passing of our colleague Andreas Ulrich. First and foremost, we wish to express our condolences to his loving family in these difficult times.

How to accelerate and scale inclusive water access in Ethiopia

A photo story to highlight farmer-led irrigation in Ethiopia.

Special issue of ICID journal Irrigation and Drainage

We invite scientific contributions that help to improve our understanding of the interactions between the field/farm scale at which irrigation water application takes place and the irrigation system/basin scale at which water resources are being available and managed leading to build climate resilience for better water adaptations in irrigation sector.

Ahead of UN Summit consensus that action on water critical to transforming food systems

The Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue; Water – the Game-changer for Food Systems has concluded with consensus that water has unmatched utility to support the necessary transformation of food systems.

Data, funds and dialogue key to water, energy, and food security in a changing climate for Pakistan

A holistic approach and reliable database on water resources and their use across Pakistan is the key to achieving food, water, and energy security in the fifth most climate-vulnerable country in the world.

Innovations and smart water technologies key to food systems transformation in Central Asia

Creating the food systems that people want & need across Central Asia will depend in part on how water is managed under climate uncertainty.
Treated Wastewater Aquaculture: boosting revenue streams and production in Ghana | IWMI
Many cities in Ghana lack functional wastewater treatment plants. This affects water quality and can have a devastating impact on both human and ecosystem health. This video explores the underlying...
What water means to us #Water2Me | IWMI
We asked colleagues at IWMI what value water has for them this World Water Day 2021. Find out more at