Can groundwater cushion Africa from future shocks, and spark development?

Groundwater has thus far been a sleeping giant in most of sub-Saharan Africa. However, there are signs the giant is awakening,

Experts unite to find the best ways to scale up farmer-led irrigation

It makes sense to encourage farmer-led irrigation, to capitalize on benefits, but how can we do so inclusively and sustainably?

Focus on Covid-19

Ganesh Kumari Karki (60) drinks water from a public tap at Dhap village. Photo: Tom van Cakenberghe / IWMI IWMI’s response to Covid-19. Read more…

WLE Annual Report 2019

Results from WLE demonstrate how new evidence and innovations contribute to sustainable intensification of agriculture at landscape level.

Exclosures for landscape restoration in Ethiopia: business model scenarios and suitability

Land degradation is a critical problem around the world. Intensive rain-fed and irrigated crop and livestock systems have contributed to the degradation of land and natural resources.