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The year 2022 offered a glimpse into a future of heightening pressures on water security. The war in Ukraine disrupted global food systems across the Global South. Drought struck the Horn of Africa and the Pakistan floods destroyed millions of homes and hectares of farmland.

In response to these challenges, IWMI sought a range of innovative water-smart solutions, benefitting communities, national economies and river basins. Our researchers worked closely with the governments of countries most impacted by extreme weather events to support their disaster responses, in addition to helping them plan for future risks.

Our research supported governments and communities with disaster risk management, elevated food waste reduction, identified beneficial migration approaches, and reused wastewater to improve food safety, health and livelihoods.

IWMI researchers deployed innovative technologies that scaled solar irrigation for smallholder farmers, predicted drought to mitigate disaster impacts, monitored the quality of wetlands, and optimized water use and reduced irrigation costs in water-scarce regions.

As we look ahead, IWMI is taking on a more proactive role in ensuring that we make a stronger contribution to supporting policy change and implementation, and to using evidence from research to help shape the global water agenda.

IWMI Annual Report 2022

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