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Elias, M.; Joshi, Deepa; Meinzen-Dick, R. 2021. Restoration for whom, by whom? a feminist political ecology of restoration. Ecological Restoration, 39(1-2):3-15. (Special issue: Restoration for Whom, by Whom?) [DOI]
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Anwar, Arif A.; Bhatti, Muhammad Tousif. 2021. Routing field channels through a tertiary unit with heterogeneous fields. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, 147(9):04021040. (Online first) [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Scurrah, N. 2021. Institutional bricolage and the (re)shaping of communal land tenure arrangements: two contrasting cases in upland and lowland northeastern Laos. World Development, 147:105630. (Online first) [DOI]
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Kafle, Kashi; Omotilewa, O.; Leh, Mansoor; Schmitter, Petra. 2021. Who is likely to benefit from public and private sector investments in farmer-led irrigation development? evidence from Ethiopia. Journal of Development Studies, 22p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Jibesh Kumar, K. C.; Dhaubanjar, S.; Pandey, Vishnu P.; Subedi, R. 2021. Water balance component analysis of a spring catchment of western Nepal. Banko Janakari, 31(1):23-32. [DOI]
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Joshi, Deepa; Gallant, Bryce; Hakhu, Arunima; de Silva, Sanjiv; McDougall, C.; Dubois, M.; Arulingam, Indika. 2021. Ramsar Convention and the wise use of wetlands: rethinking inclusion. Ecological Restoration, 39(1-2):36-44. (Special issue: Restoration for Whom, by Whom?) [DOI]
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Kibret, S.; McCartney, Matthew; Lautze, Jonathan; Nhamo, Luxon; Yan, G. 2021. The impact of large and small dams on malaria transmission in four basins in Africa. Scientific Reports, 11:13355. [DOI]
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Sugden, Fraser; Nigussie, Likimyelesh; Debevec, Liza; Nijbroek, R. 2021. Migration, environmental change and agrarian transition in upland regions: learning from Ethiopia, Kenya and Nepal. Journal of Peasant Studies, 32p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Tawfik, Mohamed Hassan; Hoogesteger, J.; Elmahdi, Amgad; Hellegers, P. 2021. Unpacking wastewater reuse arrangements through a new framework: insights from the analysis of Egypt. Water International, 46(4):605-625. [DOI]
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Hernandez-Chea, R.; Mahdad, M.; Minh, Thai Thi; Hjortso, C. N. 2021. Moving beyond intermediation: how intermediary organizations shape collaboration dynamics in entrepreneurial ecosystems. Technovation, 108:102332. (Online first) [DOI]
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Minh, Thai Thi; Osei-Amponsah, Charity. 2021. Towards poor-centred value chain for sustainable development: a conceptual framework. Sustainable Development, 14p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Goldin, J.; Mokomela, R.; Kanyerere, T.; Villholth, Karen G. 2021. Diamonds on the soles of their feet: groundwater monitoring in the Hout Catchment, South Africa. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development, 15(1):25-50. [DOI]
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Brunetti, M. T.; Melillo, M.; Gariano, S. L.; Ciabatta, L.; Brocca, L.; Amarnath, Giriraj; Peruccacci, S. 2021. Satellite rainfall products outperform ground observations for landslide prediction in India. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 25(6):3267-3279. [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; DiCarlo, J.; Keovilignavong, Oulavanh; Rigg, J.; Nicol, Alan. 2021. (Re)constructing state power and livelihoods through the Laos-China railway project. Geoforum, 124:79-88. (Online first) [DOI]
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Nartey, Eric Gbenatey; Cofie, Olufunke; Gebrezgabher, Solomie; Nikiema, Josiane. 2021. Crops and farmers’ response to application of fecal sludge derived - Fortifer in different agro-ecological zones in Ghana. Journal of Environmental Management, 293:112970. (Online first) [DOI]
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Worqlul, A. W.; Dile, Y. T.; Schmitter, Petra; Bezabih, M.; Adie, A.; Bizimana, J.-C.; Srinivasan, R.; Lefore, N.; Clarke, N. 2021. Constraints of small-scale irrigated fodder production and nutrition assessment for livestock feed, a case study in Ethiopia. Agricultural Water Management, 254:106973. (Online first) [DOI]
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Hofstetter, Moritz; van Koppen, Barbara; Bolding, A. 2021. The emergence of collectively owned self-supply water supply systems in rural South Africa what can we learn from the Tshakhuma case in Limpopo? Water SA, 47(2):253-263. [DOI]
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Duncan, N.; de Silva, Sanjiv; Conallin, J.; Freed, S.; Akester, M.; Baumgartner, L.; McCartney, Matthew; Dubois, M.; Senaratna Sellamuttu, Sonali. 2021. Fish for whom?: integrating the management of social complexities into technical investments for inclusive, multi-functional irrigation. World Development Perspectives, 22:100318. [DOI]
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Gebreyes, M.; Mekonnen, K.; Thorne, P.; Derseh, M.; Adie, A.; Mulema, A.; Kemal, S. A.; Tamene, L.; Amede, T.; Haileslassie, Amare; Gebrekirstos, A.; Mupangwa, W. T.; Ebrahim, M.; Alene, T.; Asfaw, A.; Dubale, W.; Yasabu, S. 2021. Overcoming constraints of scaling: critical and empirical perspectives on agricultural innovation scaling. PLoS ONE, 16(5):e0251958. [DOI]
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Carrard, N.; Jayathilake, Nilanthi; Willetts, J. 2021. Life-cycle costs of a resource-oriented sanitation system and implications for advancing a circular economy approach to sanitation. Journal of Cleaner Production, 307:127135. (Online first) [DOI]
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Lefore, N.; Closas, Alvar; Schmitter, Petra. 2021. Solar for all: a framework to deliver inclusive and environmentally sustainable solar irrigation for smallholder agriculture. Energy Policy, 154:112313. [DOI]
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Chandrasekara, S. S. K.; Chandrasekara, S. K.; Gamini, P. H. S.; Obeysekera, J.; Manthrithilake, Herath; Kwon, H.-H.; Vithanage, M. 2021. A review on water governance in Sri Lanka: the lessons learnt for future water policy formulation. Water Policy, 23(2):255-273. [DOI]
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Birendra, K. C.; McIndoe, I.; Schultz, B.; Prasad, K.; Bright, J.; Dark, A.; Pandey, Vishnu Prasad; Chaudhary, A.; Thapa, P. M.; Perera, R.; Dangi, D. R. 2021. Integrated water resource management to address the growing demand for food and water in South Asia. Irrigation and Drainage, 12p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Mozzi, G.; Pavelic, Paul; Alam, Mohammad F.; Stefan, C.; Villholth, Karen G. 2021. Hydrologic assessment of check dam performances in semi-arid areas: a case study from Gujarat, India. Frontiers in Water, 3:628955. [DOI]
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Buisson, Marie-Charlotte; Balasubramanya, Soumya; Stifel, D. 2021. Electric pumps, groundwater, agriculture and water buyers: evidence from West Bengal. Journal of Development Studies, 20p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Villholth, Karen G. 2021. One water: expanding boundaries for a new deal and a safe planet for all. One Earth, 4(4):474-477. [DOI]
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Bhatti, Muhammad Tousif; Ashraf, M.; Anwar, Arif A. 2021. Soil erosion and sediment load management strategies for sustainable irrigation in arid regions. Sustainability, 13(6):3547. (Special issue: Sustainable Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Applications) [DOI]
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Liu, Y.; Zhang, J.-y.; Elmahdi, Amgad; Yang, Q.-l.; Guan, X.-x.; Liu, C.-s.; He, R.-m.; Wang, G.-q. 2021. Transferability of a lumped hydrologic model, the Xin’anjiang model based on similarity in climate and geography. Water Supply, 11p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Eriyagama, Nishadi; Smakhtin, V.; Udamulla, L. 2021. Sustainable surface water storage development pathways and acceptable limits for river basins. Water, 13(5):645. [DOI]
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Bekele, W. T.; Haile, Alemseged Tamiru; Rientjes, T. 2021. Impact of climate change on the stream flow of the Arjo-Didessa Catchment under RCP scenarios. Journal of Water and Climate Change, 13p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Amarasinghe, Upali A.; Sikka, Alok; Mandave, Vidya; Panda, R. K.; Gorantiwar, S.; Ambast, S. K. 2021. Improving economic water productivity to enhance resilience in canal irrigation systems: a pilot study of the Sina Irrigation System in Maharashtra, India. Water Policy, 23(2):447-465. [DOI]
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Burt, Z.; Prasad, C. S. S.; Drechsel, Pay; Ray, I. 2021. The cultural economy of human waste reuse: perspectives from peri-urban Karnataka, India. Journal of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 11(3):386-397. [DOI]
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Ali Nawaz, Rana; Awan, Usman Khalid; Anjum, L.; Liaqat, Umar Waqas. 2021. A novel approach to analyze uncertainties and complexities while mapping groundwater abstractions in large irrigation schemes. Journal of Hydrology, 596:126131. [DOI]
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Sey, S. E.; Agbo, N. W.; Edziyie, R.; Amoah, Philip; Yeboah-Agyepong, M.; Nsiah-Gyambibi, R.; Abbas, S. 2021. Consumer preference, growth and profitability of African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) grown in treated and aerated wastewater fed ponds in Kumasi, Ghana. Heliyon, 7(3):E06424. [DOI]
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Alahacoon, Niranga; Edirisinghe, M. 2021. Spatial variability of rainfall trends in Sri Lanka from 1989 to 2019 as an indication of climate change. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 10(2):84. [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Rigg, J. 2021. Aspirations undone: hydropower and the (re) shaping of livelihood pathways in northern Laos. Agriculture and Human Values, 12p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Welling, R.; Filz, P.; Dalton, J.; Smith, Douglas Mark; de Silva, J.; Manyara, P. 2021. Governing resilient landscapes across the source-to-sea continuum. Water International, 46(2):264-282. (Special issue: Source-to-Sea Management) [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Scurrah, N. 2021. Farmer’s agency and institutional bricolage in land use plan implementation in upland Laos. Land Use Policy, 104:105316. [DOI]
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Horbulyk, Theodore; Kafle, Kashi; Balasubramanya, Soumya. 2021. Community response to the provision of alternative water supplies: a focus on chronic kidney disease of unknown aetiology (CKDu) in rural Sri Lanka. Water International, 46(1):37-58. [DOI]
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Jacobs-Mata, Inga; Mukuyu, Patience; Dini, J. 2021. A review of trends in scientific coverage of water governance in South Africa and what this means for agenda-setting of public investment in water governance Ramp;D. Water SA, 47(1):10-23. [DOI]
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Akpoti, K.; Dossou-Yovo, E. R.; Zwart, Sander J.; Kiepe, P. 2021. The potential for expansion of irrigated rice under alternate wetting and drying in Burkina Faso. Agricultural Water Management, 247:106758. [DOI]
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Donoso, G.; Barron, J.; Uhlenbrook, Stefan; Hussein, H.; Choi, G. 2021. Sciencepolicy engagement to achieve “water for societyincluding all”. Editorial. Water, 13(3):246. (Special issue: Selected Papers from 2019 World Water Week) [DOI]
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Maru, H.; Haileslassie, Amare; Zeleke, T.; Esayas, B. 2021. Agroecology-based analysis of meteorological drought and mapping its hotspot areas in Awash Basin, Ethiopia. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 23p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Reitemeier, Maren; Aheeyar, Mohamed; Drechsel, Pay. 2021. Perceptions of food waste reduction in Sri Lanka’s commercial capital, Colombo. Sustainability, 13(2):838. (Special issue: Sustainable Food Waste Management in Foodservice Establishments) [DOI]
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Amarasinghe, Upali A.; Sikka, Alok; Mandave, Vidya; Panda, R. K.; Gorantiwar, S.; Chandrasekharan, Kiran; Ambast, S. K. 2021. A re-look at canal irrigation system performance: a pilot study of the Sina Irrigation System in Maharashtra, India. Water Policy, 23(1):114-129. [DOI]
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Nhlengethwa, Sibusiso; Matchaya, Greenwell; Greffiths, Ikhothatseng; Fakudze, Bhekiwe. 2021. Analysis of the determinants of public capital investments on agricultural water infrastructure in Eswatini. Business Strategy and Development, 4(1):49-58. (Special issue: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Africa) [DOI]
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Sikka, Alok K.; Alam, Mohammad Faiz; Pavelic, Paul. 2021. Managing groundwater for building resilience for sustainable agriculture in South Asia. Irrigation and Drainage, 70(3):560-573. (Special issue: Development for Water, Food and Nutrition Security in a Competitive Environment. Selected Papers of the 3rd World Irrigation Forum, Bali, Indonesia) [DOI]
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Jha, S. K.; Mishra, V. K.; Verma, C. L.; Sharma, Navneet; Sikka, Alok Kumar; Pavelic, Paul; Sharma, P. C.; Kant, L.; Sharma, Bharat R. 2021. Groundwater quality concern for wider adaptability of novel modes of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) in the Ganges Basin, India. Agricultural Water Management, 246:106659. [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Rigg, J.; Bandur, M.; Marschke, M.; Miller, M. A.; Pheuangsavanh, N.; Sayatham, M.; Taylor, D. 2021. On the coattails of globalization: migration, migrants and COVID-19 in Asia. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 47(1):88-109. [DOI]
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Mulema, A. A.; Boonabaana, B.; Debevec, L.; Nigussie, Likimyelesh; Alemu, M.; Kaaria, S. 2021. Spiraling up and down: mapping women’s empowerment through agricultural interventions using the community capitals framework in rural Ethiopia. Community Development, 52(1):113-130. [DOI]
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Mwinuka, P. R.; Mbilinyi, B. P.; Mbungu, W. B.; Mourice, S. K.; Mahoo, H. F.; Schmitter, Petra. 2021. The feasibility of hand-held thermal and UAV-based multispectral imaging for canopy water status assessment and yield prediction of irrigated African eggplant (Solanum aethopicum L). Agricultural Water Management, 245:106584. [DOI]
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Singh, R.; Pandey, Vishnu Prasad; Kayastha, S. P. 2021. Hydro-climatic extremes in the Himalayan watersheds: a case of the Marshyangdi Watershed, Nepal. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 143(1-2):131-158. [DOI]
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Jedd, T.; Fragaszy, S. R.; Knutson, C.; Hayes, M. J.; Fraj, M. B.; Wall, N.; Svoboda, M.; McDonnell, Rachael. 2021. Drought management norms: is the Middle East and North Africa Region managing risks or crises? Journal of Environment and Development, 30(1):3-40. [DOI]
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Taye, Meron Teferi; Dyer, E.; Charles, K. J.; Hirons, L. C. 2021. Potential predictability of the Ethiopian summer rains: understanding local variations and their implications for water management decisions. Science of the Total Environment, 755(Part 1):142604. [DOI]
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Mwinuka, P. R.; Mbilinyi, B. P.; Mbungu, W. B.; Mourice, S. K.; Mahoo, H. F.; Schmitter, Petra. 2021. Optimizing water and nitrogen application for neglected horticultural species in tropical sub-humid climate areas: a case of African eggplant (Solanum aethiopicum L.). Scientia Horticulturae, 276:109756. [DOI]
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Mekuria, Wolde; Getnet, Kindie; Yami, M.; Langan, Simon; Amare, D. 2021. Perception of communities when managing exclosures as common pool resources in northwestern Ethiopia. Land Degradation and Development, 32(1):35-48. [DOI]
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Herman, M. I.; Thai, Minh Thi. 2021. Striving for sustainable value chain establishment: a multiple feasibility analysis approach. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, 11(4):379-395. [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Karki, Emma; Bastakoti, Ram C. 2021. Putting power and politics central in Nepal’s water governance. Development Policy Review, 39(4):569-587. [DOI]
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McCartney, Matthew; Brunner, J. 2021. Improved water management is central to solving the water-energy-food trilemma in Lao PDR. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 37(4):619-639. [DOI]
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Nepal, S.; Neupane, N.; Belbase, D.; Pandey, Vishnu Prasad; Mukherji, Aditi. 2021. Achieving water security in Nepal through unravelling the water-energy-agriculture nexus. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 37(1):67-93. [DOI]
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Pakhtigian, E. L.; Jeuland, M.; Bharati, Luna; Pandey, Vishnu Prasad. 2021. The role of hydropower in visions of water resources development for rivers of western Nepal. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 37(3):531-558. (Special issue: Hydropower-based Collaboration in South Asia: Socio-economic Development and the Electricity Trade) [DOI]
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Suhardiman, Diana; Bright, J.; Palmano, C. 2021. The politics of legal pluralism in the shaping of spatial power in Myanmar’s land governance. Journal of Peasant Studies, 48(2):411-435. [DOI]
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van Koppen, Barbara; Hofstetter, Moritz; Nesamvuni, A. E.; Chiluwe, Q. 2020. Integrated management of multiple water sources for multiple uses: rural communities in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Water SA, 46(1):1-11. [DOI]
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Joshi, Deepa; Gallant, Bryce; Hakhu, Arunima. 2020. Beyond just adding women: towards gender transformative food systems. Urban Agriculture Magazine, 37:6-8.
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Halliday, J.; Joshi, Deepa; Young, L.; van Veenhuizen, R. 2020. A call for transformative actions on gender and inequality. Editorial. Urban Agriculture Magazine, 37:3-5.
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Carr, G.; Barendrecht, M. H.; Debevec, Liza; Kuil, L.; Bloschl, G. 2020. People and water: understanding integrated systems needs integrated approaches. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-AQUA, 69(8):819-832. [DOI]
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Arasalingam, Sutharsiny; Manthrithilake, Herath; Pathmarajah, S.; Mikunthan, T.; Vithanage, M. 2020. Geo-statistical approach for prediction of groundwater quality in Chunnakam Aquifer, Jaffna Peninsula. Journal of Jaffna Science Association, 2(1):12-24.
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Balasooriya, S.; Munasinghe, H.; Herath, A. T.; Diyabalanage, S.; Ileperuma, O. A.; Manthrithilake, Herath; Daniel, C.; Amann, K.; Zwiener, C.; Barth, J. A. C.; Chandrajith, R. 2020. Possible links between groundwater geochemistry and chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu): an investigation from the Ginnoruwa Region in Sri Lanka. Exposure and Health, 12(4):823-834. [DOI]
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Waqas, M. M.; Shah, S. H. H.; Awan, Usman Khalid; Waseem, M.; Ahmad, I.; Fahad, M.; Niaz, Y.; Ali, S. 2020. Evaluating the impact of climate change on water productivity of maize in the semi-arid environment of Punjab, Pakistan. Sustainability, 12(9):3905. (Special issue: Climate Resilient Sustainable Agricultural Production Systems) [DOI]
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Ali, S.; Cheema, M. J. M.; Waqas, M. M.; Waseem, M.; Awan, Usman Khalid; Khaliq, T. 2020. Changes in snow cover dynamics over the Indus Basin: evidences from 2008 to 2018 MODIS NDSI trends analysis. Remote Sensing, 12(17):2782. (Special issue: Interactive Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Images) [DOI]
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Ray, A.; Chakraborty, D.; Ghosh, Surajit. 2020. A critical evaluation revealed the proto-indica model rests on a weaker foundation and has a minimal bearing on rice domestication. Ancient Asia, 11:8. [DOI]
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Amarasinghe, Upali A.; Amarnath, Giriraj; Alahacoon, Niranga. 2020. Vulnerable hot spots to water and agricultural risk in Sri Lanka. NeelaHaritha: The Climate Change Magazine of Sri Lanka, 3:1-10.
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O’Brien, G. C.; Dickens, Chris; Baker, C.; Stassen, R.; van Weert, F. 2020. Sustainable floodplains: linking e-flows to floodplain management, ecosystems, and livelihoods in the Sahel of North Africa. Sustainability, 12(24):10578. (Special issue: Durable Protections for Free-Flowing Rivers) [DOI]
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Karg, H.; Drechsel, Pay; Dittrich, N.; Cauchois, A. 2020. Spatial and temporal dynamics of croplands in expanding West African cities. Urban Agriculture and Regional Food Systems, 5(1):e20005. [DOI]
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Nhlengethwa, Sibusiso; Matchaya, Greenwell; Greffiths, Jacob; Fakudze, Bhekiwe. 2020. Maize flour price trends in rural districts and urban districts of Lesotho under COVID-19. AKADEMIYA2063: Covid-19 Bulletin, 15:1-5.
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Nhlengethwa, Sibusiso; Matchaya, Greenwell; Greffiths, Jacob; Fakudze, Bhekiwe. 2020. Maize grain price trends in food surplus and deficit areas of Zambia under the COVID-19 pandemic. AKADEMIYA2063: Covid-19 Bulletin, 14:1-5.
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Addisie, M. B.; Ayele, G. K.; Hailu, N.; Langendoen, E. J.; Tilahun, S. A.; Schmitter, Petra; Parlange, J.-Y.; Steenhuis, T. S. 2020. Connecting hillslope and runoff generation processes in the Ethiopian highlands: the Ene-Chilala Watershed. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 68(4):313-327. [DOI]
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Mukuyu, Patience; Lautze, Jonathan; Rieu-Clarke, A.; Saruchera, D.; McCartney, Matthew. 2020. The devil’s in the details: data exchange in transboundary waters. Water International, 45(7-8):884-900. [DOI]
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Mukherji, Aditi. 2020. Sustainable groundwater management in India needs a water-energy-food nexus approach. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 17p. (Online first) [DOI]
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Mahdad, M.; Minh, Thai Thi; Bogers, M. L. A. M.; Piccaluga, A. 2020. Joint university-industry laboratories through the lens of proximity dimensions: moving beyond geographical proximity. International Journal of Innovation Science, 12(4):433-456. [DOI]
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Surinaidu, L.; Amarasinghe, Upali; Maheswaran, R.; Nandan, M. J. 2020. Assessment of long-term hydrogeological changes and plausible solutions to manage hydrological extremes in the transnational Ganga River Basin. H2Open Journal, 3(1):457-480. [DOI]
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Pande, S.; Uhlenbrook, Stefan. 2020. On the linkage between hydrology and societylearning from history about two-way interactions for sustainable development. Water History, 12(4):387-402. [DOI]
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Nardi, F.; Cudennec, C.; Abrate, T.; Allouch, C.; Annis, A.; Assumpcao, T. H.; Aubert, A. H.; Berod, D.; Braccini, A. M.; Buytaert, W.; Dasgupta, A.; Hannah, D. M.; Mazzoleni, M.; Polo, M. J.; Saebo, O.; Seibert, J.; Tauro, F.; Teichert, F.; Teutonico, R.; Uhlenbrook, Stefan; Vargas, C. W.; Grimaldi, S. 2020. Citizens AND HYdrology (CANDHY): conceptualizing a transdisciplinary framework for citizen science addressing hydrological challenges. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 35p. (Online first). (Special issue: Hydrological Data: Opportunities and Barriers) [DOI]
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Lankford, B.; Closas, A.; Dalton, J.; Gunn, E. L.; Hess, T.; Knox, J. W.; van der Kooij, S.; Lautze, Jonathan; Molden, D.; Orr, S.; Pittock, J.; Richter, B.; Riddell, P. J.; Scott, C. A.; Venot, J.-P.; Vos, J.; Zwarteveen, M. 2020. A scale-based framework to understand the promises, pitfalls and paradoxes of irrigation efficiency to meet major water challenges. Global Environmental Change, 65:102182. [DOI]
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Freed, S.; Barman, B.; Dubois, M.; Flor, R. J.; Funge-Smith, S.; Gregory, R.; Hadi, B. A. R.; Halwart, M.; Haque, M.; Jagadish, S. V. K.; Joffre, O. M.; Karim, M.; Kura, Y.; McCartney, Matthew; Mondal, M.; Nguyen, V. K.; Sinclair, F.; Stuart, A. M.; Tezzo, X.; Yadav, S.; Cohen, P. J. 2020. Maintaining diversity of integrated rice and fish production confers adaptability of food systems to global change. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 4:576179. [DOI]
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Matchaya, Greenwell; Fakudze, Bhekiwe; Nhlengethwa, Sibusiso; Greffiths, Ikhothatseng. 2020. Maize grain price trends in food surplus and deficit areas of Malawi under Covid-19. AKADEMIYA2063: Covid-19 Bulletin, 11:1-5.
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Amarasinghe, Upali; Amarnath, Giriraj; Alahacoon, Niranga; Ghosh, Surajit. 2020. How do floods and drought impact economic growth and human development at the sub-national level in India? Climate, 8(11):123. (Special issue: Climate Change and Water-Related Agricultural Risks) [DOI]
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Haileslassie, Amare; Mekuria, Wolde; Schmitter, Petra; Uhlenbrook, Stefan; Ludi, Eva. 2020. Changing agricultural landscapes in Ethiopia: examining application of adaptive management approach. Sustainability, 12(21):8939. [DOI]
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Matchaya, Greenwell; Nhlengethwa, Sibusiso; Greffiths, Jacob; Fakudze, Bhekiwe. 2020. Maize grain price trends in food surplus and deficit areas of Mozambique under Covid-19. AKADEMIYA2063: Covid-19 Bulletin, 7:1-4.
Keywords / Abstract | Fulltext (857 KB)

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