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Migration, displacement and water-related challenges in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Findings from a survey of 400 households in 20 communities show the strain on water and other resources.

Water for a safe, just and sustainable future

Mark Smith spoke live on Al Jazeera English about water scarcity, climate change and potential solutions.

Sewage water turns into drinking water

Henry Roman shares deeper insight into the problem and its possible solutions.

The multiple challenges from climate change, urbanization and forced displacement in Irbid Governorate, northwest Jordan

IWMI research will support evidence-based design and the implementation of the Jordanian climate adaptation policy.

Water: Amplifying impact through the CGIAR Initiative on One Health

Globally, the health of water is affected by various water users and pollution sources including cities, towns, crops, livestock and industries.

How smarter water management can help strengthen food security for the 500 million people who call the Nile Basin home

A recently completed study conducted by IWMI presents scenarios where water can be used sustainably and efficiently for cultivating crops.

Four ways IWMI is using water to advance climate adaptation and mitigation around the world

During COP26 and beyond, IWMI will continue to advance a wide range of water-focused climate solutions and develop a diverse set technical, policy, and financial tools.

Declining data quality threatens water resources management in the Lake Tana sub-basin

Through the FLAIR project in the Lake Tana sub-basin, IWMI is supporting the way data is generated by measuring water diversions at selected schemes.

Three months of floods, or nine months of drought

An intense monsoon season in Pakistan means the country’s food system faces the challenge of both extreme floods and extended droughts.

Thinking Hydrologically

Water is running out in Central Asia. New approaches to water regulation, energy production, and agricultural education are necessary to be able to feed the region.

How hybrid water law can transform water access in southern Africa

In rural southern Africa, hybrid water law is a tool for social justice and environmental stewardship.

Ahead of UN Summit consensus that action on water critical to transforming food systems

The Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue; Water – the Game-changer for Food Systems has concluded with consensus that water has unmatched utility to support the necessary transformation of food systems.

Innovations and smart water technologies key to food systems transformation in Central Asia

Creating the food systems that people want & need across Central Asia will depend in part on how water is managed under climate uncertainty.

Water’s Fundamental Truths – for One CGIAR and Beyond

Water scarcity is growing. While water is finite, demand for it grows along with population, the water intensity of diets, and the broader water demands of the economy.

Morocco’s decision to publish drought maps could benefit the whole MENA region

The hope is that the technology will be routinely used across MENA in drought management, helping to strengthen resilience to climate change, promote accountability and transparency, and inform scarcity management in arid watersheds.

Everything you need to know about water and migration

Often, migration is a development problem being solved by people using their own agency, and this should be better reflected in policy responses at all levels.

Moroccan farmers grapple with drought during Covid

IWMI is launching an AI-powered seasonal rainfall forecasting tool, developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and funded by USAID.

Modernizing wastewater treatment in Sri Lanka

Working across South Asia to identify applied technologies and business models to sustain water and sanitation systems.

Change in behaviour needed for improved drought management in Jordan and the MENA region

Adopting water-saving technology is not enough on its own to stem groundwater depletion in the MENA region.

AsiaTimes.com: The developing world’s water crisis has arrived

A study across 15 cities in South Asia, Africa and South America shows that water is inaccessible and unaffordable.

Water security for sustainable dryland development

The search for options to boost water productivity

UN Official Review of Progress on SDG 6: Webcast of remarks by IWMI Director General Claudia Sadoff

Addressing the particularly complex targets concerning water scarcity as well as sustainable and equitable water management.

More people, more food, worse water?

Turning around a "toxic" relationship.

TheDiplomat: The Impact of Migration on Water Scarcity in Central Asia

What does male migration have to do with water scarcity in Central Asia?

MIT Technology Review: Is Pakistan running out of fresh water?

The sight of water flowing from taps may soon be a luxury, with people having to queue up at tankers for just a bucket load of water for their daily needs.

KathmanduPost.Ekantipur.com: Over and under the pond

Another World Water Day passed this week. And around the world, including here in Nepal, water scarcity is a problem that is being increasingly exacerbated due to climate change.

UN Chronicle: Coming to grips with water security in the face of climate change

How people in high-risk areas of Africa and Asia can come to grips with water security in the face of climate change.

IWMI Research Report – 169: Beyond ‘More Crop per Drop’: Evolving thinking on agricultural water productivity

This Research Report chronicles the evolution of thinking on water productivity in the research agenda of IWMI.

New monitoring system maps Bundelkhand drought

The Central Indian region of Bundelkhand is currently experiencing severe drought.

Bundelkhand droughts becoming more frequent

(NEW DELHI. 17 December 2015) The severe drought in Bundelkhand is likely to become a more regular occurrence according to scientists at the International...

FiltSsep.com: Conwed sees potential in reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a critical part of the world’s water supply. The International Water Management Institute, a non-profit scientific research organization that focuses...

Heads or Tails

How Egyptian farmers are adapting to water scarcity up and down a canal.

IWMI Research Report – 160: Understanding farmers’ adaptation to water scarcity: a case study from the western Nile Delta, Egypt

This study was undertaken to analyze farmers’ adaption to water scarcity in the command area of a secondary canal in the Nile Delta of...

Landscapers vs Luddites

Why some farmers adopt rainwater management technologies, whilst others ignore them.

WSJ.com: Water Scarcity Worsens in Mideast, Threatens Food Security

“Most Middle Eastern countries are faced with what hydrologists call absolute water scarcity. This means that even if they have the economic capacity to...

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