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Unlocking the power of water: Seven interventions to transform food systems

Water is essential for all life on earth and is central to the healthy functioning and sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystems. But what about the profound impact of water on our food systems?

Waste not, want not

Recovery of safe and nutritious food from wholesale to consumer and safe redistribution for direct human consumption to reduce hunger and malnutrition.

Africa-wide framework puts agricultural water management high on the agenda

Improving operational costs and financing could spur investment in sustainable agricultural water management practices and technologies.

Why food system transformation needs water

On World Food Day, Dr. Mark Smith, Director General of IWMI, explains why effective water management is key to transforming food production.

News.Trust.org: Why water is essential for healthier diets and zero hunger

As millions of people across the world show their commitment to zero hunger and healthy diets, one crucial piece of the puzzle must not be forgotten: water.

The hidden truth about migration: A looming farm crisis back home

In an op-ed on Euractiv, Claudia Sadoff draws attention to recent research on the communities from which migrants depart.

Alan Nicol on social protection and water

CGIAR experts go live for World Food Day.

World Food Day 2014

For World Food Day we look at 8 social and technological innovations that can contribute to a water-secure future for rural communities and family farmers.

Message from Jeremy Bird on World Food Day 2013

Water plays a vital role in sustainable food systems, IWMI's Director General reminds.

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