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International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2021

It is so important to harness the power of international cooperation to reduce risk and losses from disasters.

How water can boost environmental health and biodiversity

As a result of IWMI’s work in the realms of e-flow monitoring and aquifer recharge, water management for rivers and aquifers has been strengthened.

Water’s Fundamental Truths: Part 3 – Is water governance coming of age?

Our planetary water systems involves not just tackling risks and building resilience for human societies, but also assuming greater responsibility towards the planet as a whole.

Unlocking sustainable finance to drive agricultural research for development

When looking at how to combine traditional development funding with return-oriented private capital, two strategies are gaining more and more traction.

Tapping into Groundwater

In a recent interview, Dr. Villholth spoke more about IWMI’s groundwater program and how events such as World Water Week are important to protecting and managing the resource.

Declining data quality threatens water resources management in the Lake Tana sub-basin

Through the FLAIR project in the Lake Tana sub-basin, IWMI is supporting the way data is generated by measuring water diversions at selected schemes.

Ahead of UN Summit consensus that action on water critical to transforming food systems

The Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue; Water – the Game-changer for Food Systems has concluded with consensus that water has unmatched utility to support the necessary transformation of food systems.

A new tool to help scale water innovations

Making innovative water management and irrigation technologies available to farmers on a massive scale is crucial if we are to meet growing food demands and mitigate climate change impacts.

After the flush: How a project in Ghana is turning human waste into an economic resource

An IWMI-led project in Ghana aims to address issues with insufficient financing and lack of capacity by capturing value (‘CapVal’) from human waste in ways that support a circular economy.

IWMI receives the 2020 GEO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Award

This is in recognition of the Index-Based Flood Insurance (IBFI) product developed by IWMI scientist Dr Giriraj Amarnath.

Thomson Reuters: Coronavirus – wake-up call to ensure water and sanitation for all

Today, many people lack access to the most basic weapons to shield themselves from COVID-19: water and soap.

A continental coalition is set in motion to support sustainable groundwater use across Africa

Inclusion of groundwater in continent-wide strategies has potential to help keep Africa’s broader development on a sustainable footing.

Transforming food systems in Southeast Asia

IRRI, WorldFish and IWMI have signed a 5-year agreement that provides the framework for cooperative research.

Groundwater and sustainable development

New reports heighten awareness of an urgent imperative.

Fixing food 2018: Best practices towards the sustainable development goals

This report investigates best practices in food sustainability across the world. It uses the three pillars—sustainable agriculture, nutritional challenges, and food loss and waste—of the Food Sustainability Index (FSI) as a framework.

International Day of Rural Women

Empowering women in community-based groundwater governance.

IWA-network.org: Re-examining the economics, engineering and water management paradigms – An interview with Claudia Sadoff

IWMI Director General, Claudia Sadoff, spoke to IWA about exciting initiatives that turn wealth from waste during World Water Congress in Tokyo, Japan.

Women and participatory irrigation in Tajikistan

The 'average' farmer in Tajikistan is female, due to high rates of male migration. IWMI's Soumya Balasubramanya makes the case for taking a comprehensive approach towards irrigation by considering the needs of both farms and homestead plots, in order to secure the production of food.

UN Official Review of Progress on SDG 6: Webcast of remarks by IWMI Director General Claudia Sadoff

Addressing the particularly complex targets concerning water scarcity as well as sustainable and equitable water management.

Damned if you don’t!

Time for smart dam design and operation to combat malaria in Africa.

More people, more food, worse water?

Turning around a "toxic" relationship.

International Decade for Action

“Water for Sustainable Development” 2018-2028

International Day of Rural Women

Securing rights to water for health, food and income

Grow with the flow

How to know if there is enough water for the Sustainable Development Goals

The “biography” of a bold idea

Agricultural water productivity for sustainable development

Cities and towns in deep doo-doo

Scaling up sustainable and profitable re-use of fecal sludge to sort out the mess

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2016

View our photo essay exploring how IWMI research contributes to soil conservation and the restoration of degraded land in Africa and Asia.

Managing water for food security and economic development in Nepal

High level policy dialogue organized by IWMI.

$75 billion of water investments lost to corruption annually

Mismanagement threatens SDGs, says new report.

Irrigated Africa and Asia

New map is most detailed to date.

Measured mutuality

The SDG indicators for water cooperation.

‘Gender, Agricultural Water and Big Data’ on the table

Some 30 attendees from 20 countries in Africa, South Asia, Europe, USA and South America discussed gender, water and data issues from a specific agricultural water management angle.

Found! Water on Mars! But the real challenges are more down to Earth…

This blog captures critical knowledge and action stemming from our work, the work of those we partner with and deriving from events and occasions we believe should be marked because of their global significance to water management.

Alan Nicol
Theme GP Leader

Open letter to the heads of state attending the 70th UN General Assembly, September 2015, New York

Co-advancement of Agricultural and Natural Resource Management within the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals Offer Unique Opportunity to Transform Management of Critical Water Resources

Targets that promote efficient, nationally and locally appropriate water use will be key to achieving the SDGs.

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