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International Day of Action For Rivers: Water, water in every river but not available for all

Bharat R. Sharma, Scientist Emeritus at IWMI, comments on how India can tackle the issue of ‘Water for All’.

IWMI announces development of a new, Google-supported tool that will harness AI and satellite data for water reuse in the Middle East and North...

A new grant from Google’s philanthropic arm will help researchers develop a tool to bolster water security and climate resilience in the Middle East and North Africa.

April-May 2023 Research Journal Roundup

Roundup of research, journal and other academic articles from April and May 2023.

Water reuse: a potential game-changer for water security in the Middle East and North Africa

ReWater MENA focused on one region. But as the most water-stressed region in the world, it offers valuable lessons for other areas facing increasing water scarcity.

Staying alive: Navigating water, gender and poverty inequalities in Kafr El Sheikh, Egypt

Women’s increasing roles in irrigation in Egypt, as well as across the MENA region cannot be viewed in isolation of women’s domestic care work.

World Toilet Day 2021: An interview with Olufunke Cofie

Leadership and governance systems must provide an enabling environment for the scaling of improved sanitation.

Five key takeaways from World Water Week 2021

IWMI participated in a record 31 sessions at this year’s virtual event. Here are some of our key takeaways.

Three months of floods, or nine months of drought

An intense monsoon season in Pakistan means the country’s food system faces the challenge of both extreme floods and extended droughts.

Water’s role in poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

CGIAR’s new ambitions are defined by a set of impact areas, with water – and therefore water systems science – at the heart of each. 

Learning from our mistakes: transforming water management to boost biodiversity

When designing water solutions for communities, IWMI researchers always consider the impact on biodiverse ecosystems.

Smart tech to play vital role in addressing plastic pollution crisis – new study

A new study by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) offers a number of technological solutions aimed at tackling one of the world’s most pressing issues. 

After the flush: How a project in Ghana is turning human waste into an economic resource

An IWMI-led project in Ghana aims to address issues with insufficient financing and lack of capacity by capturing value (‘CapVal’) from human waste in ways that support a circular economy.

Guardian.ng: Valuable energy, nutrients, water lost in fast-rising streams

Wastewater volumes are increasing quickly, with a projected rise of roughly 24 percent by 2030 and 51 percent by 2050.

TheConversation: How changing the world’s food systems can help to protect the planet

Over half of global freshwater becomes unusable wastewater. IWMI has analysed 24 possibilities for putting that wasted water to work – and generating income at the same time.

More people, more food, worse water?

Turning around a "toxic" relationship.

International Decade for Action

“Water for Sustainable Development” 2018-2028

World Wetlands Day

Valuing natural capital for sustainable urban development.

New book on wastewater re-use in Latin America and the Caribbean

This book will help guide such efforts by making valuable information available to a wide audience

Game-changing water solutions

Realizing the huge potential to bolster water security in the Middle East and North Africa.

AllAfrica.com: Urban Wastewater for Food Security – Averting the Next Health Crisis in Africa

Wastewater from sewage that is churned out by expanding cities and towns worldwide helps meet food security globally, especially in developing regions.

Crop irrigation with untreated wastewater, a major health and environmental menace

The use of wastewater to irrigate crops is far more widespread than previously estimated, according to a new study.

Global use of wastewater to irrigate agriculture at least 50% greater than previously thought, says new study

With 885 million consumers exposed to health risks, study calls for urgent investments in improved sanitation.

A milestone on the road to greener economies

New plant to deliver a safe nutrient-rich fertilizer made from recycled waste

ENS-Newswire.com: World Water Day Appreciates Precious Wastewater

Thinking like a business can help make waste management financially attractive and environmentally sustainable.

Pit latrine maintenance can be a community health problem

Rizwan Ahmed says pit latrine maintenance can be a community health problem.

So what do you do with the poo in a pit latrine?

Bangladesh has done a great job of getting more toilets to more people. Now it needs to figure out how to empty them.

World Water Day 2017: A focus on wastewater

Celebrating World Water Day with a blog post from our DG, a PLoS ONE journal submission, contributions to the World Water Development Report and a new video.

Press Release: New “pay-monthly” poop removal system could revolutionize sanitation in developing world, says new study

Research conducted in Bangladesh could have dramatic implications both for poor households and the entire wastewater value chain.

Banking on wastewater

IWMI enables societies to address challenges posed by wastewater by generating new knowledge on wastewater management, writes Jeremy Bird.

Guess what’s about to hit the fan!

A year of taking seriously the developing world’s wastewater crisis.

Wastewater Irrigation in Maharashtra: An exploration

This Highlight presents a synthesis of field explorations in 11 locations in Maharashtra which cover the extent of wastewater irrigation.

World Environment Day

Sponge Cities: How to break the cycle of wasted waste

Wastewater Irrigation in Karnataka

Untreated wastewater often carries pathogens and other dangerous toxins, but many farmers continue to use this water for irrigation because it is the only source available to them.

Pay Drechsel wins 2015 IWA Development Award

Scientist honored for work on wastewater and resource re-use in agriculture.

Press Release: Pay Drechsel wins 2015 IWA Development Award

Drechsel’s research has played an important role in developing options for safe wastewater use in countries where treatment capacities are low and informal wastewater irrigation is common.

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