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Hydropower: Can it hold up against climate change?

Matthew McCartney comments on the stabilizing role of hydropower in building resilience to drought.

Assessments and benefits sharing in the context of the Water-Food-Energy-Climate NEXUS in transboundary basin: Shakhimardan

Shakhimardan river basin in the spotlight of the EU funded “Hydro4U (Hydropower for you)” project

Thinking Hydrologically

Water is running out in Central Asia. New approaches to water regulation, energy production, and agricultural education are necessary to be able to feed the region.

Water’s Fundamental Truths: Part 2 – Why do we have to manage water as a system?

Water has to be managed as a system, and cannot be effectively managed separately from land, or from its major uses or users, of which agriculture is by far the biggest.

Simulating trade-offs in the water-energy-food nexus

In the Omo-Turkana and Zambezi basins in Africa, complex relationships emerge from the balances struck among hydropower generation, irrigated agriculture, water quality and environmental flows.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

New information on water resources to guide development in Nepal’s Koshi Basin.

Navigating the road to socially inclusive hydropower

Asia Times opinion article reports insights from new research in Nepal.

Reconciling growth with nature’s gifts

Toward a decision-making framework for two of Africa’s transboundary basins.

TheThirdPole.net: The importance of local voices in Nepal’s hydropower projects

A trip along the Karnali river, where a major hydro electric project is planned, showcases how different communities are impacted, and who can negotiate, and who cannot.

Get on nature’s good side

A New Year's resolution to recognize the benefits of water-related ecosystem services

When the climate change news is good and bad

The authors of a new study about climate change impacts in Kenya have both good news and bad for the country’s vital Tana River Basin.

Impartial perspectives on a contested resource

A timely new book on southern Africa’s Zambezi River Basin

World Environment Day 2017

Striking a balance between nature and development.

HuffingtonPost: The plan to dam Asia’s last free-flowing, international river

An opinion piece by Diana Suhardiman was recently featured on The Huffington Post.

Digo Jal Bikas Update: Forming Partnerships Across Basins

Beginning research on a three-year long project that will establish a comprehensive understanding of the water resources of the Karnali and Mahakali basins.

New insights into the Ganges River Basin

New book presents an overview of the challenges facing the critically important Ganges river as a water resource for 500 million people.

Sustainable development in the Eastern Nile

Investments in land and water are critical

Future proofing the Tana Basin

Smart planning can ensure a sustainable future for Kenya’s longest river.

Can Sri Lanka be a zero emissions economy? The view from Down Under…

An interview with Dr. Stephen Bygrave who is the CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions visiting Sri Lanka to speak at the forum on Combating Climate Change in Sri Lanka.

Malaria link to African dams

New study urges improved control measures

Sustainable Development Goals Offer Unique Opportunity to Transform Management of Critical Water Resources

Targets that promote efficient, nationally and locally appropriate water use will be key to achieving the SDGs.

IWMI signs MOU with the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydro-power Research

The initial priority areas of research cooperation include issues related to water savings, multiple uses of water infrastructure, ecosystems services, water and soil conservation, water allocation and planning and sustainable hydro-power.

Hydropower to the people

Efforts to share the benefits of hydropower development in Nepal could be compounding inequality in the country instead of tackling it, according to research.

World Water Day 2014: Water and Energy

Water and Energy For World Water Day 2014, IWMI Director General Jeremy Bird reflects on the interconnectedness of water and energy and how IWMI’s research...

Wising up to wetlands and agriculture: Smarter policies promise the best of both worlds

Agriculture and wetlands should be managed in unison in order to conserve vital ecosystems and support the livelihoods of millions of people, according to...

Villages of the Dammed

The 3rd Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy is taking place this week in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Forum offers the opportunity for constructive...

What lies beneath?

Subterranean storage could be the answer to Central Asia’s water woes Farmers in the Syrdarya River basin of Central Asia have a problem. Water is...

Hydropower Development and Livelihoods: A quest for a balanced approach through research and private sector cooperation

The International Hydropower Association World Congress is running this week in Sarawak, Malaysia on the theme of Advancing Sustainable Hydropower. Research by IWMI and...

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