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Moving out, moving up? Stories of rural women migrating from Thailand and Kyrgyzstan

On the 15th of October, 2022, the international community celebrates the world’s hardworking rural women whose labor helps deliver global food security.

Research shows reducing local income inequality may slow rural-urban migration

Recent research conducted by IWMI, in collaboration with the IFPRI and IFAD, finds that the poorest are likelier to migrate when increases in incomes are accompanied by increases in local income inequalities.

Gender solutions for sustainable water management in Western Nepal

IWMI study calls for investment in the social capital and capabilities of women and marginalized people.

AgriLinks: Cultivating the habits of efficient water management in Central Asia

How the creation of water user associations has helped empower rural people to have a direct stake in irrigation management in Tajikistan.

The fragility of rural cooperation

New evidence on the effects of integrating farmers with the global food chain

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