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Why worry about groundwater?

Making the invisible visible: A chat with groundwater expert Dr. Karen Villholth, Principal Researcher, IWMI

How groundwater can help us build a more water-secure world

By putting groundwater at the heart of our work, IWMI researchers are paving the way for further climate adaptation and resilience.

Exploring the untapped potential of managed aquifer recharge

As the world spotlights the importance of groundwater throughout 2022, a promising approach for ensuring sustainable use and management of this precious resource is gaining steam.

Euro News: The planet will ‘dehydrate before it starves’: Why universal access to water is crucial

Having put millions more people at risk of acute hunger, the COVID-19 pandemic has set the stage for a now-or-never year of rethinking the entire system behind food and nutrition.

Financial Times: Crisis in the Himalayas – climate change and unsustainable development

The disaster last month in India demonstrated the risks from rising temperatures to the eight countries in the region.

Bangkok Tribune: Strengthening pathways for rights-based livelihood adaptation in Mekong hydropower development

On the occasion of World Water Day on March 22, Diana Suhardiman writes about a “rights-based approach” to Mekong hydropower development that tries to ensure local communities just outcomes, as hydropower development continues to be promoted among the Mekong countries especially in Lao PDR.

Morocco’s decision to publish drought maps could benefit the whole MENA region

The hope is that the technology will be routinely used across MENA in drought management, helping to strengthen resilience to climate change, promote accountability and transparency, and inform scarcity management in arid watersheds.

Smart Water Magazine: A re-evaluation of water’s values is needed to transform global systems

The theme of this year’s World Water Day on March 22 is ‘Valuing Water’. Water has an intrinsic value – we need it to survive, as do all other organisms in the biosphere. We can call this its survival value.