So what do you do with the poo in a pit latrine?

Bangladesh has done a great job of getting more toilets to more people. Now it needs to figure out how to empty them.

An article on NPR’s international development section Goats and Soda analyzes waste management in Bangladesh, including IWMI’s research article Towards sustainable sanitation management: Establishing the costs and willingness to pay for emptying and transporting sludge in rural districts with high rates of access to latrines.

According to the World Bank, rates of “open defecation” (development jargon for pooing in public) in Bangladesh have dropped from 34 percent in 1990 to just 1 percent nationwide in 2015. Other surveys put the rates of open defecation at a slightly higher rate than 1 percent but still note a significant decline in the amount of human waste on the streets over the last couple of decades. The reason for this is a boom in pit latrines, aka outhouses, privies, crappers.

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