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Strengthening agricultural sustainability in the Ganges Delta polders

The Ganges Delta polders are low-lying, protected areas vital for agriculture which face threats from salinity intrusion and waterlogging.

Modernizing agricultural practices in Pakistan

Farmers in the Gomal Zam Dam Command Area are learning to adopt climate change-resilient cultivation techniques.

Pakistan gets cutting-edge technology to monitor water flow in irrigation canals

Indus Telemetry has been installed by IWMI under the USAID-funded Water Management for Enhanced Productivity project.

The current heat is a chilling reminder of the climate crisis and its impacts on food insecurity

Turning the challenges posed by climate change into opportunities for innovation and transformation.

IWMI awarded for second consecutive year by the Project Management Institute in Sri Lanka

The Climate Smart Governance (CSG) Dashboard is recognized for its contribution to national climate adaptation, planning and development.

IWMI’s new strategy shows the way forward for collective action on water security

Strategy 2024–2030 sets course for the next stage of the organization’s research and innovation journey.

Anticipatory Actions are often neglected so let’s get behind long-term resilience

IWMI assembled a panel of Anticipatory Action experts for a webinar to discuss empowering communities with lasting Anticipatory Actions for long-term resilience and improved Food, Land and Water Systems.

Waters of vulnerability and transformative solutions

Understanding water system risks in fragile and conflict-affected communities is crucial for developing anticipatory action and peace.