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Time to double down on the triple win of disaster risk reduction

This week marks the International Day for Disaster Reduction and IWMI, working with other partners, is taking action now to identify and reduce existing disaster risks and prepare for a changing future.

International Women’s Day

Florianne Clement, a social scientist at IWMI, explains how development projects can detect and influence the "critical consciousness" that compels and enables women to rise above the prejudice and discrimination around them.

15 ways wetlands are vital for cities, food and people

When we think of urban infrastructure, what probably comes to mind are roads, pipes, drains and construction. Here's why healthy urban wetlands are equally essential.

World Food Day 2017

An opinion article in Euractiv from Claudia Sadoff, IWMI’s new director general.

International Day for Disaster Reduction 2017

With index-based flood insurance the payout should be not only transparent but also much faster.

World Environment Day 2017

Striking a balance between nature and development.

World Water Day 2017: A focus on wastewater

Celebrating World Water Day with a blog post from our DG, a PLoS ONE journal submission, contributions to the World Water Development Report and a new video.

World Water Day 2017: Banking on wastewater

IWMI better enables societies to address challenges posed by wastewater by generating new knowledge on wastewater management.