15 ways wetlands are vital for cities, food and people

When we think of urban infrastructure, what probably comes to mind are roads, pipes, drains and construction. Here's why healthy urban wetlands are equally essential.

A photo essay from Sri Lanka

The average citizen of Colombo passes over waterways and wetlands with likely very little thought for where water is coming from or going to. The canals of Colombo are connected to a system of lakes and wetlands that weave through the city.

In fact, it’s bigger than most people realize: this unique wetland complex has a total estimated area of over 56,000 acres in the quickly growing Sri Lankan capital. A current hot topic of political debate, the government is juggling the needs of different sectors while deciding how to manage a quickly developing city, where dependable infrastructure is becoming a dire need.

Viewed through the sites and experiences in Colombo, here are 15 facts and photos showing the importance of wetlands.

Read the full story on the Thrive blog
Read the full story on the Thrive blog


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