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Why unifying behind anticipatory action in fragile settings should be a priority for the humanitarian sector

Early actions in fragile and conflict-affected settings should prioritize the needs of displaced communities and employ the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.

IWMI launches the Climate Smart Governance dashboard in Sri Lanka

The dashboard will support policy makers with timely climate adaptation interventions.

Water security takes center stage in anticipatory action

IWMI partners with the Anticipation Hub to advance water security in fragile and conflict-affected settings.

How can anticipatory action inspire gender inclusion?

This International Women’s Day, we are looking at gender challenges and solutions for designing anticipatory action approaches in refugee and internally displaced persons hosting communities.

Water and climate stress are threatening Jordanian refugee hosting communities. What are we doing about it?

IWMI is working to inform the humanitarian response to climate-based vulnerabilities in Jordan through anticipatory action.

Innovation and partnerships: Key ingredients in a conflict-affected world

IWMI’s collaborations in the areas of fragility, conflict and migration are aimed at making strides towards an equitable future for all.

It’s raining in Colombo — but don’t forget the drought in the rest of Sri Lanka

Drought mapping technology and anticipatory action plans could help to manage disaster risk and mitigate the damage.  

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