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IWMI announces development of a new, Google-supported tool that will harness AI and satellite data for water reuse in the Middle East and North...

A new grant from Google’s philanthropic arm will help researchers develop a tool to bolster water security and climate resilience in the Middle East and North Africa.

Information meets innovation: Climate data for resilient food value chains in CWANA

Improving climate data availability through platforms like F2R-CWANA can enhance the analysis and understanding of climate impacts.

Lisa-Maria Rebelo celebrated as a leader in remote sensing: her advice to aspiring female researchers

This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we celebrate Dr. Lisa-Maria Rebelo’s achievements and inquire of her advice for the next generation of aspiring female researchers.

Mapping Myanmar’s water resources is key to developing sustainable aquaculture and improving nutrition

IWMI’s work will help to ensure that future investments in aquaculture in Myanmar will be sustainable, and able to boost rural livelihoods and nutrition as climate change takes hold.

How to monitor effectively when the water balance drops

A new IWMI Working Paper provides a Gap and Opportunity Analysis of Hydrological Monitoring in Ethiopia.

IWMI project enables fast access to petabytes of analysis-ready water data in Africa

Actionable information from earth observation data will enable better water management for African governments, communities and companies.

Maps that matter when flooding strikes

Vital support for the emergency disaster response in Northeast India and Nepal.

IWMI responds to floods in Sri Lanka

New flood assessment bulletin and flood maps available.

Irrigated Africa and Asia

New map is most detailed to date.

New maps have India covered

Satellite scans of vegetation show changes to the sub-continent’s land-use.

IWMI and partners train Sri Lanka’s flood managers to meet future disasters

(Colombo, 17 November 2014) - Disaster management agencies in Sri Lanka can now assess the likelihood of future floods with up-to-the-minute data from space....

IWMI hydrologist recognized with President’s Award

Lal Muthuwatta, hydrologist and mathematical modeler at IWMI, received the President's award for a journal article on his research in a river basin in Iran.

Disaster response: Maps show extent of Kashmir flood crisis

IWMI has released a series of maps showing the extent of the catastrophic flooding in Kashmir.

IWMI staff among winners of President’s Award

Two IWMI staff have received a top national award for their work in mapping wetlands in Sri Lanka. Alankara Ranjith and Sarath Gunasinghe of...

World Development Information Day

Bytes and bottlenecks – can data deliver? Leaps forward in data processing power and access to information are helping make irrigation more efficient and sustainable....

Measuring a plant’s health from the sky

Satellite-based remote sensing has revolutionized the measurement of evapotranspiration, but computer models need to be constantly refined to be reliable. An IWMI scientist has...

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