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African Business: Smarter management of water can help feed Africa

With 95% of African agriculture depending on progressively unpredictable rains, the smart and sustainable use of the continent’s water resources for irrigation will not only define Africa’s future food and nutrition security, but also its adaptation to climate change, and the migration of people – both domestic and international – which is driven by both water and food insecurity.

Five key takeaways from World Water Week 2021

IWMI participated in a record 31 sessions at this year’s virtual event. Here are some of our key takeaways.

CNBC Africa: Count on water to disaster-proof global food systems

Not preparing for and managing water scarcity in our food systems is a risk the world cannot afford to take. Far better to prepare for the threat of water scarcity and manage the risks, than to be complacent and see our very food systems dry up.

Ahead of UN Summit consensus that action on water critical to transforming food systems

The Food Systems Summit Global Dialogue; Water – the Game-changer for Food Systems has concluded with consensus that water has unmatched utility to support the necessary transformation of food systems.

News.Trust.org: Why water is essential for healthier diets and zero hunger

As millions of people across the world show their commitment to zero hunger and healthy diets, one crucial piece of the puzzle must not be forgotten: water.

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