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Going with the flow, or fighting for it?

The competition for scarce natural resources in the Letaba River Basin and why it matters for World Rivers Day.

Promoting youth-led innovation to build climate-smart agribusiness solutions

Ten groups, consisting of young entrepreneurs, professionals, and graduate students, with ideas for transformative approaches to climate-smart agriculture and climate information services participated in the three-phase challenge.

Professor Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi: How is climate change affecting the future of the world?

Professor Tafadzwa Mabhaudhi, IWMI Research Group Leader - Sustainable and Resilient Food Production Systems, discusses the impact of climate change on the world's future, highlighting its effects and implications.

El Niño event declared: Impacts on the Limpopo river basin in Southern Africa expected

IWMI and CIMMYT encourage stakeholders in the Limpopo River Basin to stay informed about the evolving El Niño event and its potential implications.

Accelerating climate adaptation in the Zambezi River Basin through digital innovations

Digital innovations can mitigate risks by providing services and technologies for planning, forecasting, reducing impact, and compensating losses.

Ukama Ustawi’s Malawi farmer field visits post cyclone Freddy

The CGIAR's Initiative on Diversification in East and Southern Africa visited farmers in Malawi as part of its efforts to offer small scale farmers support.

Ukama Ustawi: Accelerating inclusive agribusiness in East and Southern Africa

Empowerment and structural change come hand in hand – and with women agri-entrepreneurs at the center!

IWMI supporting Zambian government with post-flood recovery strategy assistance

IWMI is working with the Zambian government for improved knowledge generation and effective advisory services following the floods that affected more than 20,000 people in Zambia in 2023.