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Innovation and partnerships: Key ingredients in a conflict-affected world

IWMI’s collaborations in the areas of fragility, conflict and migration are aimed at making strides towards an equitable future for all.

Leave no farmer behind: IWMI and partners prioritize inclusivity at Africa Food Systems Forum 2023

The annual event gathers a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss the agricultural challenges facing the continent. 

Conference lays out shared vision of strategies and investments needed to catalyze farmer-led irrigation development in Africa

Affordable finance, digital tools and innovation bundles are among the enablers that can help meet Africa’s irrigation potential of 60 million hectares in the next five years. 

Agri Links: Expanding Small-Scale Irrigation in Ethiopia: Do Pump Prices Matter?

Governments in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are keen to expand irrigation to improve food security and climate resilience and are increasingly emphasizing the role of private, farmer-led irrigation using groundwater.

How irrigation scaling partnerships are boosting farmers’ resilience and livelihoods

Solutions have helped to strengthen demand and supply linkages along irrigated agricultural value chains, increasing farmers’ access to solar irrigation technologies and services, and ultimately boosting yields.

Bundling crop, irrigation and finance support boosts livelihoods for Ethiopia’s farmers

Bundles of water harvesting technologies (harvesting, lifting, application, crop selection) can be highly significant to smallholder farmers if it is possible to determine its economic viability before launching any intervention. The suitability analysis of these packages, as done by IWMI experts, defines that choosing highly productive and high-value crops is important for the diffusion of irrigation technologies to farmers.

Agri Links: Closing the Demand-Supply Gap in Mali’s Solar-Powered Irrigation Value Chains

Low rates of energy access and dependence on fuel imports in Mali have spurred the demand for off-grid, renewable energy solutions, such as solar.

Cultivating innovation in Africa’s food systems

Evidence-based irrigation scaling strategies co-developed by IWMI aim to accelerate innovation in agricultural value chains.

Exploring agricultural water challenges and opportunities in West Africa as climate change signals a new normal

Enhancing the sector’s climate resilience through the scaling of innovative and integrated water management solutions in West Africa.

Agri Links: Catalyzing Farmer-Led Irrigation Development in a Changing Climate: Four Key Research Areas for Achieving Scale and Impact

Over 400 million people are expected to be vulnerable to yield losses due to climate change. A gap between current adaptation levels and those needed persists, driven in large part by limited capacity and financial support.

Agri Links: New Market Research Captures the Potential of Mali’s Solar-Powered Irrigation Sector

Most smallholder farmers in Mali depend on rain-fed agriculture for food and income. But, repeated cycles of floods and droughts threaten farmers’ livelihoods and food security, increasing the risk of hunger and conflict.

How market knowledge is powering Africa’s solar irrigation sector

Data-driven tools are helping solar irrigation companies target their products and services to the right people, in the right way.

Agri Links: Building a Better Solar Irrigation Market in Ghana

The benefits of solar energy for domestic and productive use have long been recognized in countries where there’s low access to the power grid.

A new tool to help scale water innovations

Making innovative water management and irrigation technologies available to farmers on a massive scale is crucial if we are to meet growing food demands and mitigate climate change impacts.

Agri Links: More Than Money: Stakeholders Look Beyond Financing to Expand Farmer-Led Irrigation

Lenders are often hesitant to offer financial products to rural smallholders, preferring to focus on clients who are perceived to be lower risk and less costly to reach.

Experts: new thinking and approaches needed to scale up farmer-led irrigation

Scaling up farmer-led irrigation will require not only holistic approaches but also strong partnerships between implementing partners.

Agri Links: How Connecting Innovators and Implementers Can Catalyze Solar Irrigation Scaling in Ghana

Solar power has the potential to revolutionize water use in agriculture, providing an attractive means for farmers to irrigate their crops.

Africa-wide framework puts agricultural water management high on the agenda

Improving operational costs and financing could spur investment in sustainable agricultural water management practices and technologies.

Debating how to nurture sustainable and inclusive farmer-led irrigation  

Governments and development organizations realize that supporting farmer-led irrigation can enhance smallholders’ resilience to climate change and promote healthy food systems.

Experts unite to find the best ways to scale up farmer-led irrigation

It makes sense to encourage farmer-led irrigation, to capitalize on benefits, but how can we do so inclusively and sustainably?

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