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Why the young aspire to leave agriculture behind

Often, migration is an adaptation strategy, and a myriad of factors shape whether a person undertakes a journey to a new city in search of opportunity.

Rural women are reshaping gender norms in northern Ghana

Understanding how climate, migration, gender roles and Covid-19 affect women and their communities can contribute to well-informed policymaking in the Upper West Region.

Untangling ‘knots of inequality’ IWMI launches Gender and Inclusion Strategy

IWMI’s newly launched Gender and Inclusion Strategy tackles how gender intersects with a range of social disparities to create ‘knots of inequality’.

Climate change and water scarcity disrupting youth livelihoods in Ghana

Young farmers are leaving rural areas in search of better employment. Improved water access could help revitalize agricultural opportunities and curb out-migration.

In Nepal, despite political empowerment, women find limited opportunities to shape water policy

Despite progress, old mindsets continue to challenge gender and social inclusion in community water management.

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