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How groundwater can help us build a more water-secure world

By putting groundwater at the heart of our work, IWMI researchers are paving the way for further climate adaptation and resilience.

VOA News: The impact of large and small dams on malaria transmission in four basins in Africa

IWMI’s Jonathan Lautze discusses a new study that looks at the relative impact of small and large dams on malaria transmission in four river basins in Sub-Saharan Africa – the Volta, the Limpopo, the Omo-Turkana and the Zambezi.

How hybrid water law can transform water access in southern Africa

In rural southern Africa, hybrid water law is a tool for social justice and environmental stewardship.

Learning from our mistakes: transforming water management to boost biodiversity

When designing water solutions for communities, IWMI researchers always consider the impact on biodiverse ecosystems.

When small is beautiful – but not spectacular

Taking stock of a widespread water intervention in Africa.

Pinpointing untapped irrigation potential

A baseline for revitalization of smallholder schemes in South Africa

Zooming in on irrigation

Local mapping of irrigated areas in South Africa’s garden province.

Learning from a joint venture gone astray

Farmer empowerment is vital if new technologies are to help the poorest.

Is small beautiful for Africa’s farmers?

How local solutions to water access could deliver sustainable growth.

Africa’s farmers get plugged in to water

New online tool helps smallholder water management The majority of farmers in Africa rely on rainwater for to produce their crops but suffer from...

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