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The multiple challenges from climate change, urbanization and forced displacement in Irbid Governorate, northwest Jordan

IWMI research will support evidence-based design and the implementation of the Jordanian climate adaptation policy.

We’re taking the path less traveled: Addressing fragility, conflict and migration in Ethiopia’s Somali Region

Climate-induced displacement is rampant in Ethiopia’s Somali region. As co-lead of CGIAR’s Fragility, Conflict, and Migration Initiative IWMI is working to embed resilience-building solutions in Ethiopian refugee, internally displaced persons, and host communities.

Moving out, moving up? Stories of rural women migrating from Thailand and Kyrgyzstan

On the 15th of October, 2022, the international community celebrates the world’s hardworking rural women whose labor helps deliver global food security.

Social justice starts with water security for all

Social justice and water security are inextricably linked – for either to be achieved, the other must be considered from the very beginning.

Climate, water, and poverty reduction – exploring the critical links

We have arrived at a crucial moment that calls upon us to incorporate smarter water management strategies into our longer-term planning.

Water’s role in boosting nutrition, health and food security

Developing business models that governments and the private sector take seriously, so that better use of water can lead to better nutrition, health and food security.

How to take the local, national: planning for good outcomes in Ghana

By prioritizing the perspectives of farmers on the ground, facilitating dialogue and generating data, the REACH-STR project can contribute to creating policies which more effectively support rural agricultural communities in Ghana’s Upper West Region.

Choosing the collective: Challenging conventional ideas of women’s leadership

Lessons emerging from our research shows that collectives allow bonding and connections through identities other than gender, enabling significant change in entrenched gender-power relations.

Can you hear me? Covid-19 and building women’s resilience in northern Ghana 

Covid-19 has been a major setback. But it could also help encourage new thinking on digital outreach and the necessary soft and hard infrastructure to enable such a transformation.

Why the young aspire to leave agriculture behind

Often, migration is an adaptation strategy, and a myriad of factors shape whether a person undertakes a journey to a new city in search of opportunity.

Everything you need to know about water and migration

Often, migration is a development problem being solved by people using their own agency, and this should be better reflected in policy responses at all levels.

Rural women are reshaping gender norms in northern Ghana

Understanding how climate, migration, gender roles and Covid-19 affect women and their communities can contribute to well-informed policymaking in the Upper West Region.

Climate change and water scarcity disrupting youth livelihoods in Ghana

Young farmers are leaving rural areas in search of better employment. Improved water access could help revitalize agricultural opportunities and curb out-migration.

Research shows reducing local income inequality may slow rural-urban migration

Recent research conducted by IWMI, in collaboration with the IFPRI and IFAD, finds that the poorest are likelier to migrate when increases in incomes are accompanied by increases in local income inequalities.

Gender solutions for sustainable water management in Western Nepal

IWMI study calls for investment in the social capital and capabilities of women and marginalized people.

Countering climate change with the cascade effect

Researchers with IWMI have joined a major effort to rehabilitate "tank" (or small reservoir) cascade systems in the Dry Zone.

TheDiplomat: The Impact of Migration on Water Scarcity in Central Asia

What does male migration have to do with water scarcity in Central Asia?

AgriLinks: Cultivating the habits of efficient water management in Central Asia

How the creation of water user associations has helped empower rural people to have a direct stake in irrigation management in Tajikistan.

The hidden truth about migration: A looming farm crisis back home

In an op-ed on Euractiv, Claudia Sadoff draws attention to recent research on the communities from which migrants depart.

Call for youth representatives

A youth agenda for sustainable agricultural transformation in an era of climate change and out-migration.

Can a Chinese turtle farmer help us understand the future of Asian migration?

Experts gather in Guangzhou, China, to discuss migration’s effect on home communities

Asia out-migration dialogue: Linking gender, water and agriculture

The Migration and Agricultural Resilience Initiative for Sustainability (MARIS) network gathers national and international experts..

Geographies of migration, gender and agrarian change in the Global South

Describing research on the linkages between migration and gender norms in Far West Nepal.

Migration, water and the trajectory of rural change in South Asia

In large parts of South Asia, a majority of families pursue a dual livelihood strategy, depending on both farming and migrant wage work.

Fraser Sugden

Migration Matters

The link between water management and labor movement in South Asia

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