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How water can boost environmental health and biodiversity

As a result of IWMI’s work in the realms of e-flow monitoring and aquifer recharge, water management for rivers and aquifers has been strengthened.

VOA News: The impact of large and small dams on malaria transmission in four basins in Africa

IWMI’s Jonathan Lautze discusses a new study that looks at the relative impact of small and large dams on malaria transmission in four river basins in Sub-Saharan Africa – the Volta, the Limpopo, the Omo-Turkana and the Zambezi.

Three months of floods, or nine months of drought

An intense monsoon season in Pakistan means the country’s food system faces the challenge of both extreme floods and extended droughts.

Three ways water solutions restore the planet

Many of the threats the world faces involve water, but so do the climate solutions we need to restore our planet.

Mapping Myanmar’s water resources is key to developing sustainable aquaculture and improving nutrition

IWMI’s work will help to ensure that future investments in aquaculture in Myanmar will be sustainable, and able to boost rural livelihoods and nutrition as climate change takes hold.

Can adaptive management combat agricultural uncertainty in Ethiopia?

New IWMI findings suggest that adaptive management, a structured approach to decision-making in the face of uncertainty, can help achieve sustainable agricultural transformation.

Everything you need to know about Integrated Water Storage

A new report explains the challenges and the processes needed to improve integrated water storage worldwide.

Moroccan farmers grapple with drought during Covid

IWMI is launching an AI-powered seasonal rainfall forecasting tool, developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and funded by USAID.

Assigning value to nature’s bounty

Toward more inclusive water management in Kenya’s Tana River Basin

Reconciling growth with nature’s gifts

Toward a decision-making framework for two of Africa’s transboundary basins.

Telegraph.co.uk: Good dam design can cut the number of cases of malaria in surrounding areas

Engineers need to rethink how to design and operate dams after research found that they create an additional 1.1 million cases of malaria every year.

Damned if you don’t!

Time for smart dam design and operation to combat malaria in Africa.

Life with grandmother crocodile

The changing benefits of ecosystem services for rural communities in northern Ghana.

HuffingtonPost: The plan to dam Asia’s last free-flowing, international river

An opinion piece by Diana Suhardiman was recently featured on The Huffington Post.

Digo Jal Bikas Update: Forming Partnerships Across Basins

Beginning research on a three-year long project that will establish a comprehensive understanding of the water resources of the Karnali and Mahakali basins.

News.VideoNews.us: Dams increase risk of malaria infections in Kenya

The study conducted by researchers from the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) correlates malaria infections with the location of dams in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

Inquisitr.com: These Man-Made Structures Lead To Millions Of Malaria Cases In Africa — What Now?

It claims that almost two-thirds of the dams in the region are located in areas that are prone to malaria.

ScienceDaily.com: African dams linked to over one million malaria cases annually

New study urges future dam projects to consider better disease control measures

VoaNews.com: Study: Africans Near Dams 4 Times More Likely to Get Malaria

The study also warned that with many new dams slated to be built in the region, malaria cases could rise by tens of thousands annually.

WashingtonPost.com: Malaria cases in Africa are soaring. Here’s the surprising reason why.

But all that development has come at a cost: A huge surge in malaria cases.

OutBreakNewsToday.com: Researchers link African dams to malaria, predict new construction will lead to more disease

For decades there has been a demonstrable connection between dams in Africa and an increase in the parasitic disease, schistosomiasis.

Malaria link to African dams

New study urges improved control measures

Press Release: African dams linked to over one million malaria cases annually

New study urges future dam projects to consider better disease control measures

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