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Cleaning up a community canal

Waste management is big challenge for waterside communities, but new innovations can deliver a cleaner environment. Huts and small brick houses huddle cheek by jowl on either side of the...

A visit from the lagoon squad

This year’s theme for International Day for Biological Diversity is the biodiversity of islands. A new report seeks to highlight their importance and improve steps towards sustainable management.

Lagoons. Dynamic, productive and…vulnerable

Sri Lanka’s post-conflict development drive has recently put the island’s many lagoons under its searchlight.  For most of them, their status as biological, ecological...

Lagoon aquaculture can be pro-poor and pro-women, but is it sustainable?

Unique ephemeral ponds in a lagoon environment are sources of livelihoods for their communities. But how they impact the lagoon will spell how long...

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