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Indus to become ‘a seasonal river’ by 2050 if glaciers continue melting

At an event co-hosted by IWMI and USAID, experts warn that rapid melting of glaciers in Pakistan's north could turn the Indus River seasonal, endangering 240 million lives.

Latest IPCC report highlights how climate change is causing extreme events and exacerbating risks of floods and droughts

All components of the hydrological cycle have been impacted by human-induced climate change, and the way we use our land and water has, in turn, also intensified the impacts.

Thinking Hydrologically

Water is running out in Central Asia. New approaches to water regulation, energy production, and agricultural education are necessary to be able to feed the region.

Three ways water solutions restore the planet

Many of the threats the world faces involve water, but so do the climate solutions we need to restore our planet.

Everything you need to know about Integrated Water Storage

A new report explains the challenges and the processes needed to improve integrated water storage worldwide.

AsiaTimes: ‘Growing glaciers’ to fight water shortages

The project plans to build a cascade of 80-90 ice stupas to store 1 billion liters of water, enough to cover the entire Phyang desert (600 hectares) with a plantation of 2 million trees.

EconomicTimes: Kashmir glaciers shrinking rapidly, says study

Srinagar is facing one of the highest black carbon pollution, nearly as much as in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Grafting glaciers and building ice stupas

Building ice stupas is helping farming communities of Ladakh in the far north of India to grow more crops and increase their resilience to climate change.

The Art of Glacier Grafting: Innovative water harvesting techniques in Ladakh

This Highlight looks at how combining sound science with credible local knowledge is helping people improve climate resilience.

Mountain meltdown

How much global warming can the world's glaciers take? The huge glaciers in the Himalayan mountain system are often called the "water towers of Asia"....

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