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Context: It’s time to reset our approach to the global water crisis

The United Nations 2023 Water Conference takes place in New York this week, nearly five decades after the first conference in 1977.

Climate crisis and water stress create a perfect storm for women

We need to make sure that climate innovations work for women, youth and marginalized groups, and this implies engaging these actors in their rightful roles as innovation leaders.

Water’s Fundamental Truths: Part 3 – Is water governance coming of age?

Our planetary water systems involves not just tackling risks and building resilience for human societies, but also assuming greater responsibility towards the planet as a whole.

Choosing the collective: Challenging conventional ideas of women’s leadership

Lessons emerging from our research shows that collectives allow bonding and connections through identities other than gender, enabling significant change in entrenched gender-power relations.

Everything you need to know about water and migration

Often, migration is a development problem being solved by people using their own agency, and this should be better reflected in policy responses at all levels.

Untangling ‘knots of inequality’ IWMI launches Gender and Inclusion Strategy

IWMI’s newly launched Gender and Inclusion Strategy tackles how gender intersects with a range of social disparities to create ‘knots of inequality’.

Foreign Policy: The pandemic is laying bare a global water crisis

As nations begin to peek under the curtain of the global lockdown and start preparations for reopening their economies, governments should begin with an abundance of caution.

Covid-19—A wake-up call for strategic and inclusive WASH planning and financing in Nepal

Covid-19 is a wake-up call for Nepal to urgently prioritize strategic investments in inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs.

COVID-19 is a deadly reminder that inclusive water supply and sanitation matters for all of us

Since the COVID-19 crisis escalated, we have been reminded daily that one of the most important precautionary measures we can take to avoid infection – and spreading the virus – is washing our hands.

Reuters: More deals, less conflict? Cross-border water planning key, report warns

New report suggests national leaders make water security a priority now, link water policy to other national policies, from agriculture to trade, and put in place water-sharing institutions early.

FarmingFirst.org: Innovative Indian policy paves way for solar-powered farming

A CGIAR COP24 side event looked at the changes needed to transform our food systems and protect the environmental resources that agriculture depends on.

‘Gender, Agricultural Water and Big Data’ on the table

Some 30 attendees from 20 countries in Africa, South Asia, Europe, USA and South America discussed gender, water and data issues from a specific agricultural water management angle.

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