Climate crisis and water stress create a perfect storm for women

We need to make sure that climate innovations work for women, youth and marginalized groups, and this implies engaging these actors in their rightful roles as innovation leaders.

We need radical collaborations for gender-just climate solutions

By Deepa Joshi, Mairi Dupar, Ranjitha Puskur, Alan Nicol

Photo: Nabin Baral / IWMI

Addressing global stakeholders now engaged in COP27, researchers from CGIAR and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network come together to call for radical collaborations to achieve climate justice for women, girls and marginalized communities.

Calling for climate justice at COP27

As the UNFCCC COP27 gets under way in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, climate-affected communities wait to hear how nation states and international financial institutions will make good on their promise to double climate change adaptation financing by 2025.

In addition, women’s advocates, youth groups, representatives of local and Indigenous communities will be asking, how can we also make sure that climate action will be gender just? How can we ensure that women, youth and marginalized communities, who are disproportionately impacted by climate change, are at the heart of COP27 discussions and interventions?

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