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Pounding yam fufu in Poyentanga. Photo: Esther Wahabu / IWMI

“If I want a piece of land to do something and...

How gendered roles and labor allocations are impacting livelihood spaces in Upper-West Ghana.
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Solar pumps are empowering women farmers in India

On top of its climate benefits, the technology is boosting women’s income and confidence while challenging traditional gender norms, writes IWMI's Tanmoy Bhaduri.
Men and women working together in the field in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Farhana Sarker

Minding the gender gap in digital innovations in Bangladesh’s agri-economy

Without a concerted effort to empower marginalized groups and bridge the digital gender gap, digitalization risks exacerbating disparities, leaving many behind in the digital revolution.
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Cultivating Success: Overcoming challenges to boost youth engagement in agripreneurship in...

IWMI is the lead implementer of Ukama Ustawi which is working to foster youth agripreneurship in Malawi.
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The digital divide for food, land, and water systems: What is...

A proposed framework and innovative digital inclusivity index aim to address marginalization.
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First book on Pak-Afghan shared waters unveiled in Islamabad

"Afghanistan-Pakistan Shared Waters: State of the Basins" was funded by USAID through the Water Management for Enhanced Productivity program, implemented by IWMI.
CGIAR researchers discuss the challenges of decolonizing research.

Decolonizing agricultural science: Are we ready to embrace change?

Decolonizing science is increasingly discussed within the CGIAR community. Recently, a panel of researchers explored whether we are prepared for this transformation and ready to embrace the change.
Before disaster strikes - Preparing for complex emergencies with anticipatory action

Before disaster strikes: Preparing for complex emergencies with anticipatory action

Enhancing disaster preparedness and building resilience in fragile settings requires fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved.

IWMI Calls for Concerted Effort to Combat Food Wastage

Africa's food waste issue persists with up to 30% loss due to poor handling. IWMI's Dr. Enokenwa's works on gender-inclusive solutions for smallholders and households to reduce waste.
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Breaking barriers in agriculture

IWMI researchers discuss breaking barriers and ensuring food security and economic prosperity for farming communities in Nepal’s mid-hills.