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Water for whom? Realizing contemporary water allocation through age-old customary tenure practices

Ultimately, rights-based water resource allocation may appear to be the most effective to address legal pluralism for poverty alleviation and broad-based agricultural growth.

Women in Leadership: behind the scenes

Even in countries where gender norms prevail, women have, and will continue to, forge a path to leadership. With support from organisations like the CGIAR and IWMI, we can continue to equip both men and women with the knowledge and tools to lead.

Three ways wetlands can influence climate change

Climate change could change wetlands forever, but in turn, wetlands can also help to mitigate the impact of climate change.

The Independent: Unless we empower women farmers, we may not have enough to feed the planet

In an opinion piece in The Independent, IWMI Director General Claudia Sadoff says "Achieving greater gender equality will help to strengthen the resilience of our food systems, revitalize rural economies and enhance rural livelihoods."

Dynamics of modern day landlordism in the Gangetic Plains

“Control over the means of production by a small landowning aristocracy with political, ideological and economic power over a peasant majority,” is how Karl Marx defined feudalism.

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