Recycling waste and delivering a safe nutrient-rich fertilizer for food production

ACCRA, GHANA (11 May 2017) – To deliver a solution that meets urgent demands from both the city and countryside, an alliance of public and private sector partners launched today the JVL Fortifer Compost Plant in the community of Borteyman in the Greater Accra area. Based on research carried out by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), the plant will contribute importantly to improving urban sanitation, while at the same time helping boost farm productivity.

Fortifer pellets used to grow crops.
Fortifer pellets used to grow crops. Photo: Josiane Nikiema / IWMI

“The establishment of this plant represents a bold move to confront with one blow two challenges that Ghana and other African countries face – on the one hand, inadequate handling of domestic waste, which threatens human and environmental health, and on the other, fragile food security, due in large part to low soil fertility,” said Josiane Nikiema, the IWMI scientist leading this work.

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