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Can you hear me? Covid-19 and building women’s resilience in northern Ghana 

Covid-19 has been a major setback. But it could also help encourage new thinking on digital outreach and the necessary soft and hard infrastructure to enable such a transformation.

Press Release: New compost plant to aid the greening of Ghana’s economy

Recycling waste and delivering a safe nutrient-rich fertilizer for food production

World Environment Day

Sponge Cities: How to break the cycle of wasted waste

Farming on the doorstep

New study reveals scale of cropping in and around cities

Harvesting cities: tapping the potential of urban agriculture

Historically, many governments have either ignored urban agriculture or limited it for health and safety reasons.   But despite the lack of support, the sector has...

Cities and water: sinks or sponges?

The 16th International River Symposium, taking place in Brisbane this week, provides an opportunity to look at how urban areas influence rivers and the...

Good gulps in Ghana

World Water Monitoring Day: Making Accra’s water safe to drink World Water Monitoring Day, on September 18th, aims to build public awareness and involvement in...

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