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Distribution of power plants across Africa. Bigger circles denote larger annual water withdrawal in 2020. Foresight Initiative / IWMI.

Closing the African data gap

New open access database is valuable for sustainable development in the energy and water sectors.
Farmers irrigate their crops using a Sunflower Solar Irrigation System. Photo: Jeffery M Walcott / IWMI

The current heat is a chilling reminder of the climate crisis...

Turning the challenges posed by climate change into opportunities for innovation and transformation.
Map of Adamawa State. Image: IWMI

Waters of vulnerability and transformative solutions

Understanding water system risks in fragile and conflict-affected communities is crucial for developing anticipatory action and peace.

How can water security empower refugee and host communities?

How reforming water system governance in Ethiopia’s Somali Region refugee and host communities will empower long-term adaptation to climate change and disaster.
Girl fetching water from a dug out, Dumnazerbu, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Joe Bala / IWMI

Migration, displacement and water-related challenges in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Findings from a survey of 400 households in 20 communities show the strain on water and other resources.
CGIAR Science Week

IWMI at CGIAR Science Week

CGIAR is convening the world’s leading scientists and thinkers at the intersection of agriculture and climate for its inaugural Science Week.
Dialogue on advancing youth engagement in Zimbabwean agripreneurship

Dialogue on Advancing Youth Engagement in Zimbabwean Agripreneurship

The two-day dialogue will discuss youth engagement in agripreneurship and explore solutions to empower women and marginalized youth.
RGD offers a novel and engaging approach to multistakeholder dialogue by harnessing the power of gamification of complex issues. Photo: IWMI

Using Rapid Game Design for Zambia’s Lower Kafue Basin challenges

Achieving a balance between social and economic development and environmental conservation requires innovative approaches.

March-April research journal roundup

Read our roundup of IWMI’s work in April and March 2024.
circular bioeconomy

Why invest in a circular bioeconomy in Ethiopia?

There are many advantages to a circular bioeconomy including helping to address critical challenges to food security and resource management.