RESEARCH: Water, food and ecosystems

      Strengthening agricultural sustainability in the Ganges Delta polders

      The Ganges Delta polders are low-lying, protected areas vital for agriculture which face threats from salinity intrusion and waterlogging.

      Modernizing agricultural practices in Pakistan

      Farmers in the Gomal Zam Dam Command Area are learning to adopt climate change-resilient cultivation techniques.

      Staying afloat when disaster strikes

      How the residents of Chrystler’s Farm took a proactive approach to disaster response.

      IWMI’s new strategy shows the way forward for collective action on water security

      Strategy 2024–2030 sets course for the next stage of the organization’s research and innovation journey.

      Workshop on Support for the Management of Groundwater Resources for Lao PDR

      The workshop will share sustainable groundwater management plans and a roadmap for effective groundwater management in Laos.

      Nexus Gains Talks: Integrated water resources management for water, energy and food security in the Eastern Nile Basin

      This webinar will present results from the CGIAR Initiative on NEXUS Gains and related work in the Eastern Nile Basin that can help policymakers develop more impactful and integrated water solutions in a climate crisis.

      Solve water problems alongside food, energy: World Water Council

      Rachael McDonnell said that matters related to water play an important role across sectors, including food, at the World Water Forum in Bali.

      International Expert Dialogue on Mountains, People and Climate Change 2024

      This expert dialogue on mountains, people and climate change aims to strengthen, coordinate, and prioritize mountain-based actions in the context of climate change and encourage mountain countries and agencies to collaborate on UNFCCC mountain work programs and mandates.

      International Day of Plant Health 2024

      This day is to raise awareness and take action to keep plants healthy and ensure food safety and safe trade for sustainable economies and livelihoods.

      Digital twins

      A technology pioneered in space exploration is now being used to manage product life cycles, smart cities, and river basins. But what is it exactly?

      Africa Fertilizer and Soil Health Summit 2024

      The Summit will bring together all relevant stakeholders to highlight the crucial role of fertilizer and soil health in stimulating sustainable pro-poor productivity growth in African agriculture.

      Creating a roadmap in the Songwe to unlock its potential

      In the face of multiple challenges, collaborative efforts are essential to navigate the complexities of sustainable basin management.

      Greening gray infrastructure: uncovering the complexity of Nature-based Solutions

      Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are a hot topic in environment and landscape planning networks. But are they a silver bullet for solving the climate crisis?

      4th Baghdad International Water Conference

      This event is held to exchange knowledge, technology, and studies on water use, storage, and treatment in the best way to serve the largest possible number of countries and peoples.

      Saudi Water Forum 2024

      The forum creates a platform between leaders in the water field, experts and stakeholders.

      Nexus Gains Talks: Water-energy-food-ecosystems dynamics in a climate crisis

      This webinar will discuss the complex relationships between water, energy, food, and ecosystems in the context of the climate crisis.

      Nepal Science-Policy Dialogue on Solar Irrigation

      The Nepal Solar Forum will open a dialogue to reimagine Nepal’s modern irrigation programs through renewable energy.

      Global Science-Policy Forum: Socially Inclusive Solar Irrigation Systems

      This forum will bring together stakeholders from across the world to discuss solar applications in agriculture in South Asia.

      European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2024

      The EGU General Assembly 2024 brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences.

      Between interest and influence

      The WE-ACT project is fostering effective transboundary water collaboration and streamlined decision-making.

      Asia and the Pacific Food Security Forum 2024

      The forum will discuss actions to ease a worsening food crisis in the region.

      GERD will greatly contribute to mutual benefit of region

      IWMI's Abdulkarim Seid comments on the potential of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

      Role of nature-based solutions for improving urban water security

      Mohsin Hafeez discusses the potential of nature-based solutions in dealing with climate shocks faced by vulnerable people in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

      December 2023 – February 2024 Research Journal Roundup

      A selection of IWMI's recent contributions to global research.

      Sri Lanka sources integrated solutions to land and water-based challenges

      Matthew McCartney commented on IWMI's work to rectify the dearth of agroecological research focusing on water management and aquatic foods.

      IWMI opens office in Bangladesh

      IWMI signals commitment to the country and strengthens collaboration with the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council.

      BARC, IWMI sign MoU to strengthen research on agriculture

      The Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC) and IWMI have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen research in irrigation and agriculture water management within Bangladesh.

      Water for a safe, just and sustainable future

      Mark Smith spoke live on Al Jazeera English about water scarcity, climate change and potential solutions.

      Wicked water problems: Facing challenges, finding solutions

      On World Water Day, IWMI Director General Mark Smith is hopeful about progress for the world’s pressing water challenges.

      Water is an instrument for peace, progress and prosperity

      Tackling water security in India requires a multifaceted strategy including individual acts, community involvement, as well as government policies, programs and regulations.

      IWMI joins international coalition to build drought resilience

      Move reiterates commitment to act against one of the most deadly and costly natural disasters in the face of climate change.

      NEXUS Gains Talks

      The water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus and One Health: Opportunities for joint action?

      International Day of Action For Rivers: Water, water in every river but not available for all

      Bharat R. Sharma, Scientist Emeritus at IWMI, comments on how India can tackle the issue of ‘Water for All’.

      International Development Committee Meeting

      The parliamentary meeting will explore the UK Government’s work on achieving SDG2: Zero Hunger.

      Solar-powered farming is quickly depleting the world’s groundwater supply

      Tushaar Shah, a Scientist Emeritus at IWMI, comments on the rapid spread of solar pumps among rural communities in many water-starved regions, including India.

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