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Gilbert Levine

Gil Levine, champion of international collaboration, dies at 96

Levine’s lengthy and impactful career included helping establish what is now the International Water Management Institute.
World Water Day 2024

Wicked water problems: Facing challenges, finding solutions

On World Water Day, IWMI Director General Mark Smith is hopeful about progress for the world’s pressing water challenges.
Ethiopia Somali region landscape. Radhika Singh / IWMI

We’re taking the path less traveled: Addressing fragility, conflict and migration...

Climate-induced displacement is rampant in Ethiopia’s Somali region. As co-lead of CGIAR’s Fragility, Conflict, and Migration Initiative IWMI is working to embed resilience-building solutions in Ethiopian refugee, internally displaced persons, and host communities.
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First book on Pak-Afghan shared waters unveiled in Islamabad

"Afghanistan-Pakistan Shared Waters: State of the Basins" was funded by USAID through the Water Management for Enhanced Productivity program, implemented by IWMI.
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IWMI-led MENAdrought project issues final report

The MENAdrought project is a partnership between IWMI, Nebraska Drought Mitigation Centre, Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute, John Hopkins University, and the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, supported by USAID.
A woman farmer inspecting a sprinkler

IWMI part of global, five-year program to build sustainable food systems

IWMI will implement the Innovation Lab for Irrigation & Mechanization Systems, funded by USAID and led by University of Nebraska.
Sustainable resources session panelists from right to left: Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation, EU representative, World Bank representative, Fortescue Future Industries representative, and Chief Commissioner of Jordan’s Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission, Dr. Maha Al Zu’bi, IWMI (Photo: Prime Ministry of Jordan)

Jordan’s Water Vision 2033 takes shape at “A Year of Modernization”...

Integrated solutions plan aims to strengthen management and governance of the country’s water resources.
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Speakers stress need to raise awareness about climate change

The seminar, organized by IWMI, stresses climate change awareness, its impact on agriculture, and the need for adaptation, urging informed action.
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Seeds of Change: Navigating climate-induced challenges in farming and everyday life

The seminar, organized by IWMI, looked at how climate change threatens Pakistan's agriculture-dependent economy, requiring adaptive measures like flood protection, drought-resistant crops, and public awareness.
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Indus to become ‘a seasonal river’ by 2050 if glaciers continue...

At an event co-hosted by IWMI and USAID, experts warn that rapid melting of glaciers in Pakistan's north could turn the Indus River seasonal, endangering 240 million lives.