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A woman farmer inspecting sprinkler-950. Photo: Hamish John Appleby / IWMI

Conference lays out shared vision of strategies and investments needed to...

Affordable finance, digital tools and innovation bundles are among the enablers that can help meet Africa’s irrigation potential of 60 million hectares in the next five years. 
Drought in morocco. Pierre Restoul / IWMI

Planning for drought in MENA

As part of its MENAdrought project, IWMI is working with the governments of Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco to develop drought action plans.
Drying Water pond surrounded with dry land from one side and tree from the other at the Azraq Basin (Qa ‘Al-Azraq). Photo: Seersa Abaza / IWMI

Turning the tide on drought in Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco

If we don’t take pre-emptive action to turn the tide on drought preparedness, we are very likely to see devastating impacts on food and water security for millions of people.
Farmers walking with their sheep in the Moroccan mountains. Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

How water-smart agricultural solutions can help us stall desertification and thrive...

Mitigating desertification and drought impacts, with water-smart solutions and digital innovations.
Wadi Nebhana, Tunisia. Photo: ©IRD – Christian Leduc. www.indigo.ird.fr

Tunisia joins Morocco, Lebanon, and Jordan in using state-of-the-art drought management...

With the first-ever Middle East and North Africa Climate Week just concluded, learn how improved drought preparedness is helping strengthen the region’s resilience to climate change. 
Woman working in a farm in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Photo: Graeme Williams / IWMI

How groundwater can help us build a more water-secure world

By putting groundwater at the heart of our work, IWMI researchers are paving the way for further climate adaptation and resilience.
A drying water pond at the Azraq Basin. Photo: Seersa Abaza / IWMI

MENADrought, collaboration, and lessons learned on Jordan’s path to drought resilience

The Government of Jordan is strengthening its drought resilience with the support of the USAID-funded IWMI-led MENADrought project.
Use of solar water pumps in a farm in Haryana Country India. Photo: Prashanth Vishwanathan / IWMI

Four ways IWMI is using water to advance climate adaptation and...

During COP26 and beyond, IWMI will continue to advance a wide range of water-focused climate solutions and develop a diverse set technical, policy, and financial tools.
Women in rural Pakistan Photo: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

From livestock to livelihoods: Lifelines through training for rural women in...

New initiative anticipates that strengthening water governance and management will improve rural livelihoods by increasing incomes for farming households.
An onion farm destroyed by floods in Bihar India. Photo: Dakshina Murthy / IWMI

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2021

It is so important to harness the power of international cooperation to reduce risk and losses from disasters.