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Water’s role in poverty reduction, livelihoods and jobs

CGIAR’s new ambitions are defined by a set of impact areas, with water – and therefore water systems science – at the heart of each. 

Study finds public investment in farmer-led irrigation is more likely to...

A recent study by IWMI provides important insights for efforts to expand farmer-led groundwater irrigation (including solar irrigation pumps) in Ethiopia.
Farmers attending a solar irrigation pump demonstration by Pumptech during a fieldtrip to Bawku, Ghana.

How market knowledge is powering Africa’s solar irrigation sector

Data-driven tools are helping solar irrigation companies target their products and services to the right people, in the right way.
Photo: David Brazier / IWMI

Data, dialogues and discussion key to food, water and energy security in...

Enhanced data sharing across sectors and countries is vital if we want to achieve food, water and energy security in Southern Africa

Prevention Web: Mapping Myanmar’s water resources is key to developing sustainable...

One way to overcome poor nutrition is to expand small-scale aquaculture by increasing the number of fishponds and stocking existing water bodies with protein-rich fish.
Photo: Majken Schmidt Søgaard / WorldfFish

Mapping Myanmar’s water resources is key to developing sustainable aquaculture and...

IWMI’s work will help to ensure that future investments in aquaculture in Myanmar will be sustainable, and able to boost rural livelihoods and nutrition as climate change takes hold.

New project brings five African countries together to jointly manage region’s...

The five Partner States of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA TFCA) have joined forces with IWMI to manage groundwater resources spanning an area larger than Austria and Germany.

USAID Central Asia : A researcher’s journey to conserve water in...

As an agronomist’s son born in the desert during the famous expansion of agricultural lands, Kakhramon’s life has always been intertwined with water.
Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

Morocco’s decision to publish drought maps could benefit the whole MENA...

The hope is that the technology will be routinely used across MENA in drought management, helping to strengthen resilience to climate change, promote accountability and transparency, and inform scarcity management in arid watersheds.
Dried out agricultural land in the Amizmiz region in Morocco. Photo: Pierre Restoul / IWMI

Moroccan farmers grapple with drought during Covid

IWMI is launching an AI-powered seasonal rainfall forecasting tool, developed in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and funded by USAID.