Water fields

A documentary film on rainwater harvesting directed by Anjali Nayar and supported by IWMI through the IWMI-Tata Water Policy Program.

When severe drought struck Dewas following the complete exhaustion of ground water, the farming communities began to suffer growing debts and losses. Food, fodder and drinking water became scarce. There seemed to be no hope… until the seed of a new idea took root when one farmer went against the wishes of his family and dug a pond in his fields for collecting rainwater.

In this awe-inspiring tale of innovation and courage, watch how the district administration joined forces with the villagers to bring water to this arid land. Soon the entire district would come under the throes of change in a massive effort to resolve its own problems, and many other fascinating and unforeseen changes would be discovered to have accrued. The perseverance of these people is a testimony to the enormous human capacity for resourcefulness and resilience. This is their story.

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