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Rodrigo Ordóñez

Water and food systems ready to roll out climate-resilient solutions

A ministerial dialogue and a new global partnership at COP28 signal commitment to integrate water and food systems — for both adaptation and mitigation — in national climate plans.

IWMI Annual Report 2021

Building a water-secure future.

How IWMI is engaged in the global climate agenda

Through policy engagement, IWMI contributes to the global dialogue on climate.

IWMI Annual Report 2020

Valuing water.

IWMI Annual Report 2018

The connecting role of water management.

The hidden truth about migration: A looming farm crisis back home

In an op-ed on Euractiv, Claudia Sadoff draws attention to recent research on the communities from which migrants depart.

Water fields

Watch how the district administration joined forces with the villagers to bring water to this arid land

Rethinking agriculture in the Greater Mekong

How to sustainably meet food needs, enhance ecosystem services and cope with climate change.