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Research suggests that energy transitions, despite their benefits, tend to shift inequalities.

Transition for whom?

The social in policy frameworks for India’s energy transition.
Radio Canada

The challenges associated with the proliferation of solar irrigation pumps

IWMI's Marie-Charlotte Buisson spoke to Radio Canada about the particular challenges of solar-powered irrigation.
Indigenous chicken flock foraging in Ethiopia. Photo: ILRI

Coping with water scarcity in Addis Ababa’s slaughterhouses

Ethiopia’s livestock sector is vibrant and has a huge potential to furnish human nutrition and trade targets in East Africa and beyond, according to experts. Nevertheless, the sector is under threat because of increasing water shortages.
Community members assembling the fish cage. Lawrence Armah Ahiah/Fisheries Commission Ghana

Reeling it in: How aquaculture is improving livelihoods and nutrition in...

A pilot project is introducing aquaculture in small reservoirs in a sustainable and scalable model.
Wastewater is pumped into channels for irrigation, in Kanpur, India. Neil Palmer/IWMI

Investing in the circular bioeconomy

Some countries are better placed than others to make the change and create sustainable urban-rural linkages.
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Indus to become ‘a seasonal river’ by 2050 if glaciers continue...

At an event co-hosted by IWMI and USAID, experts warn that rapid melting of glaciers in Pakistan's north could turn the Indus River seasonal, endangering 240 million lives.
IWMI contributions to Research in June and July of 2023

June-July 2023 Research Journal Roundup

Roundup of research, journal and other academic articles from June and July 2023.
Women sell vegetables at a hat bazaar market in the Siraha District, Nepal. Photo: Nabin Baral / IWMI

February-March 2023 Research Journal Roundup

Roundup of research, journal and other academic articles from February to March 2023.
Farmer-led irrigation in Ghana. Photo: Barbara van Rijn / IWMI

December 2022- January 2023 Research Journal Roundup

As we transitioned into a new year, IWMI researchers continued to advance our knowledge of how we can strengthen natural resource management, improve food resiliency, and promote gender equity.
Photo: Bunyod Holmatov / IWMI

Tributary-level cooperation in the Isfayramsai River basin can benefit Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan...

Within the NEXUS Gains Initiative, an IWMI team is focusing on water storage around the Isfayramsai River.