RESEARCH: Water data science

      Strengthening agricultural sustainability in the Ganges Delta polders

      The Ganges Delta polders are low-lying, protected areas vital for agriculture which face threats from salinity intrusion and waterlogging.

      Modernizing agricultural practices in Pakistan

      Farmers in the Gomal Zam Dam Command Area are learning to adopt climate change-resilient cultivation techniques.

      Staying afloat when disaster strikes

      How the residents of Chrystler’s Farm took a proactive approach to disaster response.

      Indus Telemetry Launch

      The Indus Telemetry System will be officially launched in Pakistan revolutionizing water management in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

      IWMI’s new strategy shows the way forward for collective action on water security

      Strategy 2024–2030 sets course for the next stage of the organization’s research and innovation journey.

      Solve water problems alongside food, energy: World Water Council

      Rachael McDonnell said that matters related to water play an important role across sectors, including food, at the World Water Forum in Bali.

      6th Workshop on Water Resources in Developing Countries: Hydroclimate Modeling, information Tools and Simulation Techniques

      The workshop will provide the participants with up-to-date knowledge of advances in both modeling and hydroclimatological data available for regional water resources analysis.

      A digital twin of Earth’s water cycle: progress and promise

      The webinar provides a deep dive into mapping the future of water resources with high-resolution Earth observations.

      Digital twins

      A technology pioneered in space exploration is now being used to manage product life cycles, smart cities, and river basins. But what is it exactly?

      6th Conference on the Use of Space Technology for Water Management

      The conference will promote the use of space technology in water management to the benefit of developing countries.

      15th Gulf Water Conference

      The conference will review current and emerging technologies used in the various water sectors and present technological solutions implemented in the region.

      IWMI to expand groundbreaking Africa earth observation project

      New grant will enable expanded scope and collaboration and make actionable water information accessible to governments and other groups.

      Global Science-Policy Forum: Socially Inclusive Solar Irrigation Systems

      This forum will bring together stakeholders from across the world to discuss solar applications in agriculture in South Asia.

      European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2024

      The EGU General Assembly 2024 brings together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences.

      Women in Tech Hackathon Ethiopia

      The hackathon will harness the creativity and expertise of women in digital technology to tackle critical issues in the agriculture sector in Ethiopia.

      IWMI and partners map the state of water across Africa

      Earth observation platforms and data will support decision-makers in the management of flood and drought risk.

      Water for a safe, just and sustainable future

      Mark Smith spoke live on Al Jazeera English about water scarcity, climate change and potential solutions.

      Wicked water problems: Facing challenges, finding solutions

      On World Water Day, IWMI Director General Mark Smith is hopeful about progress for the world’s pressing water challenges.

      Water is an instrument for peace, progress and prosperity

      Tackling water security in India requires a multifaceted strategy including individual acts, community involvement, as well as government policies, programs and regulations.

      IWMI joins international coalition to build drought resilience

      Move reiterates commitment to act against one of the most deadly and costly natural disasters in the face of climate change.

      World Water Day Celebrations – Ethiopia

      Water for peace and prosperity: reflection on Ethiopia’s past and exploring the future directions.

      International Day of Action For Rivers: Water, water in every river but not available for all

      Bharat R. Sharma, Scientist Emeritus at IWMI, comments on how India can tackle the issue of ‘Water for All’.

      Sewage leaks put South Africa’s freshwater at risk: how citizen scientists are helping clean up

      IWMI and CGIAR are among the organizations helping to scale up the Enviro-Champs initiative.

      UN-SPIDER Bonn International Conference on Space-based Solutions for Disaster Management

      The Conference, "Early Warnings for All," marks the end of the first phase of the “Spaceborne Earth Observation Applications for Emergency Response and Disaster Risk Reduction” (SPEAR) project.

      Heroes of environmental stewardship

      As Enviro-Champs, South African youth address environmental challenges through citizen science and digital innovation.

      Visionary integration

      IWMI presents a digital twin concept for management of the Limpopo River basin.

      CGIAR’s new Executive Managing Director discusses opportunities to support Sri Lanka’s development priorities with Prime Minister

      Ismahane Elouafi visited the country to learn more about IWMI’s work and ways to leverage integrated capabilities for water, food and climate resilience.

      IWMI-CGIAR to launch new program for water and nutrition to mark 40th anniversary

      CGIAR Executive Managing Director Ismahane Elouafi and IWMI Director General Mark Smith met Sri Lanka's Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

      Join the citizen science movement for healthy rivers

      The mini stream assessment scoring system (miniSASS) is an AI-powered app for people to score the impact of human activity on rivers.

      IWMI’s new Board Chair and Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister reiterate commitment to sustainable water management

      Climate change and water resilience a joint priority, as international research organization prepares to launch new strategy and mark 40-year anniversary.

      October-November research journal roundup

      A roundup of IWMI research produced during October and November 2023.

      Pakistan Water Week 2023 addresses transformative pathways for water and food systems

      With water and food security becoming urgent priorities, Pakistan Water Week convened to explore opportunities for research, innovation and collective action.

      Data-driven breakthroughs and the future of agriculture at the CGIAR Digital Innovation Workshop

      IWMI’s Digital Inclusion Index was a highlight of the workshop.

      COP28 Head of Delegation statement by IWMI Director General Mark Smith

      IWMI director general Mark Smith delivers the Head of Delegation statement to the COP28 Plenary on December 9, 2023, during the High-Level Segment for Observers.

      Think again: The climate conference does not only last for two weeks

      To be effective, COP requires months of groundwork, continued support to negotiators, measuring progress and action for sustainable development.

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