IWMI Working Paper – 20

Estimating the potential of rain-fed agriculture.


Droogers, Peter; Seckler, David; Makin, Ian. 2001. Estimating the potential of rain-fed agriculture. Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) v, 14p. [IWMI Working Paper 20]



A global estimate of the potential for rain-fed agriculture could provide an answer to the question “How much irrigation is required?” Global studies done to date have relied on course resolution climate data (0.5-1 degree arc). In this study a high-resolution climate dataset (10-minute arc) was combined with a soil water storage capacity map and a dynamic water and crop model to estimate the potential for rain-fed agriculture. The methodology applied here, based ona high-resolution climate dataset, allows analyses on a global scale without losing the smaller regional-scale issues.

ISBN 92-9090-443-7