Analyzing the Enabling Environment to Enhance the Scaling of Irrigation and Water Management Technologies: A Tool for Implementers

IWMI Working Paper – 197


Minh, T. T.; Zwart, S.; Appoh, R.; Schmitter, P. 2021. Analyzing the enabling environment to enhance the scaling of irrigation and water management technologies: a tool for implementers. Colombo, Sri Lanka: International Water Management Institute (IWMI). 18p. (IWMI Working Paper 197). [doi:]


Agricultural innovation scaling approaches tend to be empirical but do not sufficiently take into account the complex realities of ‘softer elements’ such as people, supply chains, markets, financing mechanisms, policies and regulations, professional knowledge, power relations, incentives and history. As a consequence, scaling initiatives often do not produce the desired impacts and, in some instances, may even produce undesirable impacts.

Designing scaling strategies that are adaptive to context and available resources requires an understanding of the enabling environment in which the scaling processes are embedded. This can be achieved by conducting an analysis to identify enablers and hinderers influencing farmers’ adoption of irrigation and water management technologies and introducing measures to ensure success. The tool described in this working paper provides implementers with a structured guide to carrying out this analysis in a specific context.  

ISSN 2012-5763
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