Muhammad Khalifa

Regional Researcher - Integrated Modeling and Assessment

Before joining IWMI, Muhammad accumulated over 10 years of experience in geoscience and water resources management, with expertise in remote sensing and its application in water management. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cologne (Germany) and two master’s degrees in Geoscience and Integrated Water Resources Management. Muhammad’s research extends to integrated modeling and assessment, focusing on the Nile Basin, the MENA region, and the African Sahel, with a particular emphasis on the water-food-climate nexus and climate change impacts and adaptation. Muhammad has worked in diverse geographical settings including Yemen, Sudan, Germany, and the United States, gaining valuable insights into water resources management challenges and solutions across different contexts.

He has published extensively, with over 15 peer-reviewed articles, three book chapters, and reports addressing key challenges in water resources management in different spatial domains. Muhammad’s professional journey includes roles at renowned institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT (United States), and the Cologne University of Applied Science (Germany), where he contributed significantly to research projects. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in designing and creating platforms for operationalizing the water-energy-food nexus and adaptation to climate change in some parts of the global south. He also contributed to training young water professionals through active tutoring, teaching, and co-supervision of graduate research projects. Through his diverse experiences and expertise, Muhammad is committed to making meaningful contributions to the field of water resources management, inducing changes on the ground, and advancing IWMI’s mission.

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