BangkokPost: Region needs innovative water plan

Op-ed in the Bangkok Post by Jeremy Bird, Director General of IWMI, on the need for an innovative water plan in South East Asia.

Jeremy BirdThe recurrent threat of both flooding and drought looms large over many parts of the Mekong region. This variability is natural but is increasing due to climate change. Their destructive effects can be either relieved or compounded depending on the way dams are operated.

Water storage, however, can be a part of a solution. It just needs to be approached differently including a focus at smaller-scale solutions as well as conventional approaches, such as the use of large-scale flood protection infrastructure.

Governments and communities can adopt a number of innovative and low-cost water storage techniques proved to not only help minimise damage but also provide benefits.

The need for new approaches is urgent as climate change has made extreme weather events become more intense and unpredictable, putting lives and livelihoods at greater risk.

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