For everything to function, people need water

IWMI supports research, such as hydro-geologist Maduo Dingalo's work on transboundary aquifers, which is looking to identify potential borehole sites to supply water to vulnerable communities.

In the arid Shashe sub-basin, water management is vital for food security and climate resilience. The CGIAR initiative NEXUS Gains promotes collaboration across sectors and countries, bridging gaps in knowledge. Dabane Trust’s sand dams capture water efficiently, benefiting communities. The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) supports research, like hydro-geologist Maduo Dingalo’s work on transboundary aquifers. Community involvement ensures sustainability, and a holistic approach addresses the water-energy-food-ecosystem nexus, combating water scarcity in arid regions. NEXUS Gains fosters innovative solutions for equitable and sustainable water access, essential for livelihoods.

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