Times of India: 73% of land in state flood prone

Stephanie Leder & Panchali Saikia together presented a paper which dwelt on "feminization of agriculture" because of the rural to urban out-migration of men

PATNA: The fourth day of silver jubilee celebrations and international conference on ‘Bihar and Jharkhand: Shared History to Shared Vision’, organised by ADRI, saw Barh Mukti Abhiyaan convener Dinesh K Mishra presenting his lecture on ‘River, Land and People: The Kosi Trail’.

Mishra said floods, which were a rural phenomenon, have become an urban phenomenon in Bihar and are more prolonged. “Earlier, the floods were of maximum two-and-half days’ duration and considered good for agriculture. However, floodwaters stay for as long as more than two months these days, causing massive destruction of human lives, livestock and agriculture produces,” he said.


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