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Flooding – Stakeholders strengthen synergy

IWMI, hosting the workshop, highlighted the importance of flood forecasting and early warning systems in mitigating flood impacts, considering the growing global trend of intensified heavy rainfall events due to climate change.

How a new framework can provide flood insurance guidance to millions of farmers

As climate change progresses, insuring millions of farmers against risk from weather shocks offers a means to support food security and reduce nations’ economic losses.

IWMI receives the 2020 GEO Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Award

This is in recognition of the Index-Based Flood Insurance (IBFI) product developed by IWMI scientist Dr Giriraj Amarnath.

Reuters: More deals, less conflict? Cross-border water planning key, report warns

New report suggests national leaders make water security a priority now, link water policy to other national policies, from agriculture to trade, and put in place water-sharing institutions early.

India.Mongabay.com: India’s groundwater crisis, fueled by intense pumping, needs urgent management

Central and southern India appear to be experiencing increasing freshwater stores, likely due to a naturally higher than normal rainfall.

DailyMirror.lk: Flooding can be MINIMISED through technology

IWMI invents simple tech device to control water related risks and disasters

IWMI responds once again to extreme weather in Sri Lanka

IWMI provides satellite-based high-resolution maps of the affected regions to the DMC and military to assist with rescue missions and further assessments.

Times of India: 73% of land in state flood prone

Stephanie Leder & Panchali Saikia together presented a paper which dwelt on "feminization of agriculture" because of the rural to urban out-migration of men

Press Release: Satellite based flood insurance product set to be launched in Bihar

Experts meet in Delhi to discuss a new initiative to "future-proof" livelihoods of one million smallholder farmers in South Asia

Flood forecasting application (WetIn App) launched in Abuja, Nigeria

A preliminary version of a flood forecasting app, WetIn App, developed for the Niger and Benue Rivers, was launched recently.

Press Release: New maps aid flood relief efforts

For the first time, maps have been prepared by a consortium consisting of IWMI, the Disaster Management Centre of the Ministry of Disaster Management (MoDM) and the UN’s space based information service for disaster management and emergency response (UN-SPIDER).

Maps aid Sri Lankan flood relief

Images show extent of inundation in real time

TheIsland: Cheap and easily-buildable mobile weather stations being tested here

When the French scientist Dr. Yann Chemin during a visit to the southern Sri Lanka was trying to protect himself from "being cooked like...

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